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  • Bicycle Mechanic - Trek Bicycle Stores of Colorado
    Post date: Mon, 09/10/2012 - 11:54

    Customers drive the success of this business, satisfying customers must be at the root of what all of us do on a daily basis. This may seem overly simplistic, but the reality is that so few companies pull off great customer service consistently. This represents a huge opportunity for us to stand out in our local market. As a company we can't depend on a few rock stars to set the tone; it's imperative that every encounter we have with a customer be a great one, no matter if you are a bike builder or the owner of the company.

    Job Description and Responsibilities:
    Services new and repair bicycles with great attention to detail, as well as providing customers with the necessary information to create 100% customer satisfaction. During busy times this person may be expected to answer the phone, and potentially help out on the sales floor.

    - Provides the highest level of service quality to every repair.
    - Is responsible for keeping tools and parts in their proper place.
    - Is constantly learning new techniques for maintaining and repairing bicycles.
    - Performance is measured based on a combination of quality of repairs, ability to solve complex problems and the efficiency at which repairs are done.
    - Learn the proper Point of Sale practices that relate to bicycle repairs.
    - Work directly with Service Managers to develop quality bicycle builds and expectations.
    - Efficiently complete daily work schedules and tasks.
    - Maintain the Trek Bicycle Stores of Boulder and Louisville's high quality of standards.

    Please submit written resume to either store location.

    Compensation: $8-$15 an hour.