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  • Data Entry Specialist - SmartEtailing
    Post date: Tue, 03/08/2016 - 11:50

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    About SmartEtailing: SmartEtailing is the leading provider of internet services for the specialty bicycle industry in the US and Canada. Our mission is to empower local specialty retailers and their suppliers by providing the tools, technologies, and know-how to help them more effectively compete with large retail chains and online-only operations.
    If you love bicycles, are thrilled to ride every day, and want to convince others to do the same, this is the job for you. Find out how good a year-round, salaried industry job with benefits can be.

    Job Purpose: Primary responsibility is product entry into our master catalog. The right person will quickly and efficiently enter data, write product descriptions with compelling feature-benefit statements, all with an exceptional focus and solid communication. Additional duties may include obtaining product information from suppliers, basic Photoshop work, light HTML editing, helping with race reports, participating in production of (modeling for) photo shoots, and excellent interpersonal, email and phone communication.

    Organizational/Reporting Structure: This position reports to the Lead Entry Coordinator. The master catalog is among SmartEtailing’s most important products for its clients. The CPS1 does not have any direct reports.

    Job Tasks, Responsibilities, Accountabilities:
    Main Thing One:
    • Product entry in SmartEtailing master product catalog. This includes digesting all pertinent information on a set of products and condensing that into each product’s essence. That distillation comes out mainly as copywriting, but feature creation, image optimization and having the general bicycle knowledge and critical thinking skills to use discretion on how much or how little to write about each product is just as important.

    Main Thing Two:
    • Accurate data entry and the ability to “proof as you go” for specifications, prices, model numbers, sizes, dimensions, weights, etc. This often requires the use of spreadsheets and the ability to quickly look at a large dataset and determine if any information is missing or inconsistent.
    • Ability to focus on quality and quantity in the face of repetitive work.

    Main Thing Three:
    • Keep abreast of the latest bicycle industry technologies while expanding knowledge in other areas or disciplines you may not be as familiar with. Roadies need to wear baggy shorts every once in a while and mountain bikers need to know about the latest TT bike making waves in Le Tour.
    • Additional content creation based on success in entering catalog items.
    *Other duties as assigned
    Job Qualifications: SmartEtailing Content employees must be proficient at all of the attributes/skills/abilities/passions listed below (or prolific at some).
    1. cycling and cyclists of all types
    2. our bike shop clients whether focused on brick-and-mortar or online bicycle retailing
    3. our industries, the suppliers SmartEtailing works with, and having the ability to understand their point of view and objectives
    4. bicycle consumers, beginner to expert, the way they think, shop, their passion for bicycles, cycling
    5. bicycle technology old and new, now and into the future
    6. bicycle-retail product knowledge - the brands, categories, trends and niche products that differentiate retailers
    7. catalog production - focused, benefits-based copywriting and accurate, consistent, concise data entry to create the best, most-complete catalog
    8. writing/designing for the Internet for SEO, readability, and SmartEtailing template compatibility
    9. optimizing images and creating graphics using the latest tools/software
    10. sweating the details of our technical content/catalog to get everything correct, consistent, mistake-free
    11. being a great employee, communicating your expertise, passion, knowledge so that we always offer the best content for our retailers

    Job Qualifications
    • Knowledge/Skills - Solid grasp of verbal/written communication, technical and creative writing, grammar, spelling, sentence structure
    • Basic Photoshop skills
    • Abilities- attention to detail, putting yourself in retailer’s/customer’s shoes, working with others to meet SmartEtailing goals
    • Experience- 2+ years in the bike industry, writing, data entry experience, catalog expertise or knowledge
    • Education- college graduate preferred, retail experience preferred, writing school/courses a plus
    • Behavioral Attributes- quick to learn, thinks critically/solves problems, communicates skillfully, enjoys teamwork yet can work independently, displays positive can-do attitude, is deadline/goal oriented, energetic/passionate about what we do
    • Other related criteria- must be able to work at computer for extended periods of time and remain focused in close proximity to coworkers in open, creative office*3D781A...