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  • Bicycle Mechanic - The Bicycle Shack
    Post date: Sun, 03/23/2014 - 10:05

    The Bicycle Shack is excited to announce that we're looking to hire a well-rounded mechanic at our new West Arvada location. We are looking for an avid rider and informed cycling enthusiast; we welcome riders of all disciplines and we service bikes of all varieties, so we need a mechanic who is comfortable working on and riding any bike brought to us.

    Some things we're looking for:
    o We'd like somebody with experience as a mechanic working with everything from the simplest fixies to the techiest mountain bikes and everything in between. Bonus points for service writing experience.
    o We'd like somebody who is comfortable talking with customers and helping them make expensive decisions to get the best bang-for-their-buck. You should be professional both in the shop and on the trails: Bonus points if you have experience with community projects (trail maintenance days, group rides, bike rodeos, attending/organizing events and competitions, etc.) and/or local cycling advocacy/consulting.
    o We'd like somebody who keeps up with the cycling world in general; has an interest in keeping up with the latest videos, magazines and websites; and has an interest in going to demo-days and events to find and learn about the latest and greatest parts and bikes.
    o We'd like somebody who can work at least one weekend day a week.
    o We'd like somebody who knows their way around a computer: Bonus points for any IT/CompSci experience, double bonus points if you can code.
    o We'd like someone that can lift up to 50lbs on a day to day basis.

    Pay will be based on experience. This position has the potential to be full-time after a an introductory period to make sure you're comfortable here.

    Please email your resumes to admin AT thebicycleshackllc DOT com with a brief cover letter that would help us know you as a cyclist: Write about a recent ride/race, or building your first frame, or just hanging out in the bike/skate park with friends. Whatever you like as long as it's about an experience you've had as a cyclist.

    The Bicycle Shack
    16255 W. 64th Avenue Unit 5
    Arvada CO 80007