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  • Multiple Positions - SmartEtailing
    Post date: Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:13

    SmartEtailing, founded in 1999 by Mark Graff and Barry Brenner, helps specialty retailers in the bicycle industry manage and maintain their own high-quality and highly functional Web sites. We hold the work of specialty retailing in high esteem and seek people who are invested in helping our clients thrive. SmartEtailing exists for one purpose: To help our clients achieve success presenting a meaningful presence online for their brick-and-mortar stores. Currently, we are seeking candidates for the following positions to be preferably based in either the Boulder, CO or Orange County, CA office, however, we will not turn away a high quality candidate located outside of these areas.

    Client Services Consulting:
    This role is responsible for assisting our clients (the best specialty retailers on the planet) with all aspects of their websites and for developing or enhancing relationships with our existing clients so they, the clients, are able to recognize an acceptable ROI. This person works very independently to determine the best use of his or her time to maximize effective client contact using existing knowledge combined with discretion to determine how to best build that relationship through a combination of resources. The primary intent of this position is to retain SmartEtailing clients by delighting them with every interaction they have.

    Web Services Specialist:
    The ideal candidate enjoys working with people and computers. The primary responsibility is assisting our clients on a daily basis. This work may include creating or importing existing web content, based on client needs, effectively improving their websites to reach higher levels of profitability in today's omni-channel, web-centric marketplace.

    We seek people who align with our core values at SmartEtailing which include high integrity, existing to serve our clients, passion to deliver substance with purpose, being the change you seek and having fun throughout!

    SmartEtailing offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package, which includes medical and dental insurance, 401k plan (with match), great discounts on bike and outdoor products and a generous Paid Time Off plan. To apply, please visit