Do you think 2011-12 Colorado Cross Cup Races should take place over 2 days?

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Sounds like they are considering a format similar to the past weekend at states but separating out the single speed, working in some more warm-up time and non-cup races so almost everyone has the option to race both days. This might be kinda cool, it would let people challenge in multiple cross cup categories.

Good for the big guys, bad for development

While I think this sounds like a good idea, and has lots of benefits with the extended "length" available for each race... I think it would really limit the actual amount of racing available. The ACA already won't allow two different races to be scheduled on the same day, even if they are on other sides of the divide, and the cyclocross schedule has almost zero "empty" days. All this would do, is let the promoters/clubs putting on the bigger races, have an entire weekend set aside for themselves, rather than having one day. Personally, I like the option to race one day or the other on a given weekend. Sometimes I really don't care for the promoter or the course, or simply the schedule of one given day over the other. At least that's my opinion.

I like the current system,

I like the current system, no need to change it. Obviously there are advantages in a two-day event, but it crowds out smaller promoters imho. Also, it may have been due to the no alcohol policy, not sure, but didn't this past weekend seem a little flat? Where were the fans? Not a lot of people are going to stick around for the 55+ I guess.

If you could do this

What if you scheduled 2 different venues each weekend. Saturday would run x classes at site 1 and site 2 would run y classes and then reverse these on Sunday. The biggest drawback would be the amount of officals that will be needed for these.

But if each place ran with timing chips, would you need less officals?

As cool as it was to have a short day for states, there were no crowds to speak of, the vending was not the greatest and jr racing might be hurt by it.

just a thought...let the flaming begin. no feelings will be hurt if you dont like it.

That's a great idea - that

That's a great idea - that way everybody could still race both days and get to do 2 different venues. Otherwise, having just one race per weekend would be a disappointment. Seems like this would take a lot of coordination, though, between the promotors and that seems unlikely to pan out.

Cat 3 men under 35 years

Cat 3 men under 35 years old would be limited to 1 race per weekend (3s or singlespeed) for the Colorado Cup weekends....unless Singlespeed could race opposite day of 3s. I'd be game for 1 geared race one day and a single speed race the other. [yes I realize I can race open men....or at least I could ride around and try not to get in the way] Not sure how many people this affects, but I'd hate to see half of the calender turn to 1 race only per weekend.

On the other hand, this could really make it easier to manage some of the crowding problems with multi-field races.

Maybe I should get a fake birth certificate/driver's license saying I'm 35...

Agreed on the lack of fans for States

I raced this past weekend on Sat in 35+/4 but came back on Sunday to watch the men's open race. When I drove up I was a bit late, and I almost thought I missed it. The crowd was so small and some vendors were already packing up their tents. Turns out there were four laps left. Didn't have the "feel" of a major championship race however. I think splitting days should probably only be done for big races and the premier events (men's and women's open) should be held mid-day.

2 Day Format is Good

I like the 2 day format for CO Cups. The CO Cup should be the premier series in CO, and I think that requires having fewer total CO Cup races - a quality over quantity approach. This year it is still an attendance award. The only change I'd make to the 2 day format is to move SS to Saturday with the age group races, and have all the category races on Sunday. Then people can easily race twice per weekend should they desire. There are a whole lot of cx races over the course of a season, and sheer quantity of available races shouldn't be the determining factor in putting on a top notch race series.

What do promoters think? How does putting on a two day event compare to a one day event?

2 day format for Co Cross Championships

As the group responsible to conduct ACA's 2010 Cross Championships we can provide some feedback for the post asking for promoter input. In volunteering to do the Championships this year, we were hoping to pick up where we left off in 2008 at Arapahoe Ridge High school and continuing raising the bar wherever we could.

We developed the schedule for the weekend. Our goal was to give people as many options as possible if they wanted to race more than once. Also in doing so, it would help pay for the replicated costs incurred by holding the event over 2 days instead of the traditional 1 day "dawn till dark" system.
In hindsight, moving the single speed race to a separate time frame is in order. The tune up race we offered on Saturday was not as well received as we had expected. We'll scrap that next year and add more open warm up time slots.

Overall we are really pleased with the response to the weekend. We accomodated 200 more "racer days" than in 2009. 657 to 457. We had 82 Juniors-22 girls and 60 boys. We kept the entry fee low (day of was same cost as on-line reg). and offered any adult second race for only $15. Monarch High's Catering Class raised many hundreds of dollars for their program with food and beverage sales. The cost to rent the facility comes to almost $ 5,500 before accounting for any grass damage/restoration fees are considered.

The late start each day was GREAT for us. The 2 day format doubles costs like officials,lunches, venue fees, and staff pay. Should ACA pay a promoter to conduct the championships ? Should state championship promoter have to pay surcharges and officials costs ? We don't think so. Should dbc have the option of approaching USA Cycling to become title sponsor of ACA's State Championships ? Probably not but there is nothing in the books that prevents it either. Hopefully we can continue the momentum from this season into the cross promoters meeting in early spring. Stay tuned. CG

awesome event

Once again, awesome race put on by you guys. And I'm really pumped that singlespeed may be moved to saturday for this type of schedule. That would definitely maximize options for 2 races over the weekend.

I'm hoping the ACA could work with promoters on the 2-day schedule to help absorb some of the costs involved with putting on 1 race over 2 days.

The only "down side" is I see smaller crowds. Not that this matters. If the schedule is split, the fan attendance will be pretty split over both days as well. Just the way it goes.

People who work on weekends.......

I work every third Saturday. Unless the category I race in happened to be on Sunday I wouldn't be able to race that weekend. I like it the way it currently is as it really gives people options if their schedule doesn't work to race on one of the weekend days. What about guys or gals that work at bike shops? Maybe they can't race on Saturday either.....

lack of fans for mens

I have to agree with the comments on the mens race being held mid-day and probably one day. If I were a sponsor or vendor, as much as this doesn't satisfy all interested parties, I would want a one day event. It might mean bigger fields with mixed cats. But the best atmosphere for cross is lots of FANS. That creates buzz, excitement, and drives revenue which directly or indirectly helps all involved. While everyone is there for other races, they are likely to stick around for the premier races vs come back the next day.

Cuts cost and concentrates the fans. Not ideal, but probably best to grow the sport fan base until it can properly host 2 days of full house racing.

BTW, don't do it at a school with a no alcohol (beer) laws. Cross should attract all the fallen away Bronco fans who want to see a real sport. We need beer to compete and show them a real sport!

Schedule options, fan turnout

On the issue of fan turnout for the open race, I think it was A LOT higher then 2009 when all races were on one day so I don't think you can conclude that a two day event had worse turnout. Last year I believe I was one of less then 10 people at the finish line to watch an amazing sprint in the mens open race.

Some thoughts on the race schedule, I have not done any serious data analysis to back these thoughts up.

On splitting the CCC races across two days, I think we should consider multiple options used together with some races split across two days while others are a single day. I would have to look at turnout vs location more carefully but I suspect that any race held outside the Boulder/Denver area has lower turnout (Cross at the River was 247 racers, Aspen Lodge was 435, Boulder CX 3 was 536, Boulder cup was 597). I think it could make sense to have different CCC categories, some races like Cross at the River can run all categories, some that are in Boulder can be split between Saturday and Sunday or could run fewer categories and be CCC for either senior men or masters/juniors. If it was possible it would be great to run one huge weekend at two venues with mirrored race schedules (NACT weekend jumps to mind), I suspect this would be hard to do because of the race support required.

Last I think we should consider eliminating the 35+ Cat 4 SM field and replacing it with a SM 5 field. Current cat 4 racers could be split between the two fields. The cat 4 field had the situation of racers being lapped by the third lap in some races, while the 35+ 4s were too large some days and also have racers being lapped really early in the race. This could also simplify the upgrade path as 35+ 4 racers currently upgrade to the 35+ open field which seems to be a huge jump. Disclaimer - I am under 35 so this is all through observation, not participation.