B-Cycle Goes to the Moon and Back in 2013

Denver B-cycle is now coming up on it's 4th year. And much like a child at that same point, last year Denver's B-Cycle experienced major growth. In 2007, in response to (then Mayor) John W. Hickenlooper’s challenge to make the 2008 National Democratic Convention the “greenest in the history of mankind,” a group of local sustainability advocates met to brainstorm how to rise to that challenge. One thing led to another, resulting in connections to Bikes Belong and Humana Health. And the "Free-wheelin' movement" was created for the Convention. Success.

One good thing led to another and on April 22, 2010, Denver Bike Sharing together with B-cycle brought bike sharing to the Mile High City with Denver B-cycle. With (now Governor) Hickenlooper’s support and increased investments in bicycle infrastructure, Denver has emerged as a perfect fit for a large-scale bike sharing system. There is a far reaching and ambitious goal to increase the percentage of bicycling commuters from 1.6% to 10% by August 2018. With the growth Denver saw from 2012 to 2013 they just might reach that goal.

Bike sharing is already a major success in dozens of European and Asian cities, and is rapidly being adopted in North America. Montreal was first in 2009; Denver, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., and Miami launched pioneering programs in 2010. In 2011, bike-sharing programs popped up all over, including Boulder (May of 2011), Boston, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Louisville, Des Moines, Chattanooga, Nashville, Honolulu, Madison, Omaha, Toronto, and Ottawa. More cities, including New York and Chicago, have launched bike-sharing systems in 2013.

Check out Colorado's two B-cycle stats for 2013. Take note that In contrast with Denver, Boulder provides a 60 minute free trip period (versus the 30 minutes that Denver provides), which in practice results in many round-trips being counted only as one trip, whereas in Denver they would likely be two.

Denver's stats for 2013:
Total rides: 263,110 (27% increase from 2012)
Rides per day: 913
Annual memberships sold: 4,023
24-hour passes: 50,839 (29% increase)
Miles ridden: 560,424
Total Stations: 81 (29 more since last year)
Denver B-cycle's Home Page

Boulder's stats for 2013:
Total rides: 30,314 (20% increase from 2012)
Rides per day: 83
Annual memberships sold: 807
24-hour passes: 8690 (5% increase)
Miles ridden: 91,107
Total stations: 22*
Boulder B-cycle's Home Page

*While no stations were added last year, Boulder B-cycle plans to add 16 more bike-sharing stations by 2014. The eventual build-out goal is 60+ stations by 2020.

Thanks to Kevin Bell of Boulder B-cycle, Denver B-cycle and Monte Whaley, of The Denver Post for showcasing Alternative Transportion in this recent article.

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