Coeur Sports: heart and style for the female athlete.

Interbike is an insane, wonderful place. There is a dazzling array of bikes, gear, people, glitter (okay, maybe no glitter, but there was definitely confetti) and it's all within one giant maze. By day two I was already following the 303 team with a glazed look on my face. I hadn't paced myself as Kris had warned me. Luckily, Dana Willett, (our 303 Triathlon editor-in-chief) came to the rescue. Dana, not only has a keen sense of direction (must be from all her open water swims) but has the stamina of a true Ironman competitor. She was excited to lead us into the "Tri-section" of Interbike. As we meandered through aero-bars, velcro shoes and number belts, my mind started to wander. Dana must have sensed this and snapped me out of my daze with those magic words: "Katie, LOOK! They have coffee!", and she pointed at the Coeur Sports booth.

Coeur Sports had reached out to us a few weeks earlier. This start-up company from LA was looking for other states who might fit their niche. Colorado was right up their alley. Up until this point, I had only spoken with Reg and Kebby (husband/wife duo) via guessed it. I already LOVED them. They had a wonderful sense of humor and were obviously working their TAILS off to make this company a success. So of course I was giddy about the coffee, but I was thrilled to meet them in person!!

We walked into the booth and I gasped. Everything was gorgeous. I mean GORGEOUS (and it might surprise you to know that this was definitely NOT the norm at Interbike). The booth was totally geared towards a woman. An ATHLETIC woman. There were friendly, sporty-looking women chatting on couches. The swimsuits hanging above them made me want to start swimming again. The bike jerseys were something I could see myself donning on a warm summer ride up Sunshine. And there in the corner, was a special surprise. "They have coffee...AND wine. How will I decide?" I said aloud to no one in particular as I stroked a bottle of Pinot Noir. A very friendly voice answered back,"Don't choose. Have both." I turned around and saw it was the welcoming face of Kebby Holden: founder of Coeur Sports. I wanted to be her best friend from that point forward.

Coeur Sports is a new line of high performance apparel designed (and initially tested) by Kebby. She got the idea when competing as a top age group athlete. She found it hard to train and compete in apparel that worked against her as she swam, cycled and ran long distances. Inspired to find better workout gear, and unable to find answers off the shelf, Kebby created Coeur as a solution. Read what Kebby had to say about their start and where they are going from here.

We've designed our clothing from the ground up for the competitive athlete. Whether it is the (we think genius) removal of the seam in the seat of the tri shorts or the custom designed and incredibly soft fabric that is made from scratch in Los Angeles, no detail of these garments was overlooked. Across the entire line, Coeur Sports addresses the specific needs of female athletes training for and competing in endurance sports. Each piece in the Coeur collection features uniquely designed, fashion forward features that are made specifically for a woman’s body in motion.

Women represent the fastest growing segment of endurance sports and they have very specific needs for apparel, says Holden. Women like to train and compete, but they also like to look great while they’re at it. That’s why we are designing complete collections to be mixed and matched, providing flexibility and fun while dressing for tough workouts and races. The name, Coeur which means “heart” in French, reflects my personal passion for providing apparel that blends performance and fashion for the woman who pushes herself to train hard, compete harder and look great while doing it.
-Kebby Holden

Amen, sister! Coeur has made a conscious effort to design sport specific lines. As female athletes we know that the clothes a straight-up cyclist wears is different than those of a triathlete. Your lap suit is different than your racing suit. For those cross-over days Coeur also offer "lifestyle clothing" [Editor's note: you might be wondering, “What is lifestyle clothing?”. You know, its the sporty stuff you can hang out in without looking like a gym-rat-freak, but that also allows you to sprint for the bus without losing your pants.] Coeur Sports is indeed (as they say) "stylish speed, straight from the heart". I can't wait to see what Kebby and the Coeur gang have in store for us at Interbike next year.

*More information can be found at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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