City of Boulder - Driven to Drive Less

The City of Boulder recently sent out an RFP - "Driven to Drive Less." The goals of which are "to stimulate long term travel behavior change in participants and to creatively demonstrate to the general public the ability of Boulder residents to live car free or car lite."

While you should read the RFP for yourself, here are some of the examples given to perspective marketing firms:

A possibility that City Staff has considered for this task includes a city wide casting call for participants modeled after popular reality shows like “Survivor” or the “Greatest Job in the World,"

As the CDOT Scope of Work indicates, possibilities presented by City Staff include paying a nominal amount of cash to participants each day, giving more significant grand prizes for “winners” from each tier, or providing gifts/discounts from sponsors for participating or completing special “game show” type challenges.

The two year program is an ambitious undertaking even with their almost 200K budget. To start only 250 families may benefit. Other cities such as Seattle have a One Less Car Program. We will be following this important campaign.

Complete RFP

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