Chuck Coyle - Receives Sanction for Doping Violation

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Colorado Springs, Colo. (November 24, 2010) - USADA announced today that U.S. cycling athlete, Charles “Chuck” Coyle, of Boulder, Colorado, has accepted a two-year period of ineligibility for an anti- doping rule violation based on his purchase, possession and use of synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) and insulin growth factor (IGF-1).

EPO is a synthetic hormone used to stimulate the body’s production of red blood cells, thereby increasing oxygen transport and aerobic power. IGF-1 is a synthetic hormone used to aid in recovery and build lean muscle mass. Both EPO and IGF-1 are prohibited substances in the class of Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors and Related Substances under the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing and the International Cycling Union (UCI) anti-doping rules, both of which have adopted the World Anti- Doping Code (“Code”) and the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List.

Coyle’s two-year period of ineligibility began on November 24, 2010, the day he accepted the sanction. Additionally, Coyle is disqualified from all competitive results achieved on and subsequent to June 13, 2007, the date he first committed the anti-doping rule violation based on evidence in USADA’s possession, including forfeiture of any medals, points and prizes.

In an effort to aid athletes, as well as all support team members such as parents and coaches, in understanding the rules applicable to them, USADA provides comprehensive instruction on its website on the testing process and prohibited substances, how to obtain permission to use a necessary medication, and the risks and dangers of taking supplements as well as performance-enhancing and recreational drugs. In addition, the agency manages a drug reference hotline, Drug Reference Online (, conducts educational sessions with National Governing Bodies and their athletes, and proactively distributes a multitude of educational materials, such as the Prohibited List, easy-reference wallet cards, periodic newsletters, and protocol and policy reference documentation.

USADA is responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

From VeloNews:

USADA announces another cycling suspension

By Charles Pelkey Updated: Nov 24th 2010 7:26 PM EST

Coyle is fast, but not fast enough to outrun USADA

Boulder-area racer Charles “Chuck” Coyle has accepted a two-year suspension after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency found that he had purchased and used synthetic erythropoietin (EPO) and insulin growth factor (IGF-1).

The 38-year-old Coyle is the president of the Boulder-based Hüdz-Vista Subaru cyclocross team and has been an active road, track and `cross racer for 20 years.

Coyle’s two-year suspension began on Wednesday, when he accepted the penalty after investigators presented evidence of purchases of illicit performance-enhancing drugs dating back to June 13, 2007. Under UCI and USADA rules, Coyle will be required to return any prizes earned since that date.

As was the case with another suspension announced Wednesday, Coyle’s case did not involve an analytical positive test, but was based on evidence of purchases of illicit performance-enhancing drugs supplied in other investigations.

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I am the original poster but

I am the original poster but back up what is being said by the other completely regarding rolling through stop signs, etc. It is not equating one to the other. Mainly to quit being so offended when someone cheats and gets caught. There is not anyone in this world who does not cheat in some fashion or another. It could be small insignificant things but cheating is cheating. Like I said before, Chuck cheated, got caught and now is paying the penalty. I just don't want to hear all the high and mighty's telling everyone how they offended and put off by his actions. You cheat. You just don't think about what it is your cheating on. But think hard enough and there are things that you have cheated on and will again. Fact of life. Or do you walk on water without getting wet?

There's a big difference

between cheating and making mistakes, or inadvertently breaking a rule. One is a deliberate act, the other, not. Have I made mistakes? Sure. Have I ever broken the law? Never deliberately. Have I ever cheated in a game, a race, a relationship, on my taxes, whatever... NO. You don't have to accept that. If you think cheating is acceptable, I don't particularly give a damn about your opinion.

Not at work

but you keep grasping for 'proof' that I cheat. It won't work. I'll say this one last time, if you don't see the issue of buying not one, but two prescription drugs illegally online for the purpose of performance enhancement for yourself or, worse yet, to distribute to someone else as fundamentally different than rolling through a stop sign, or going online while at work (with or without your employer's consent), or inadvertently violating a rule during a game, then your ethics are so screwed up I'd say you're beyond hope, or you're deliberately being argumentative.

So you don't cheat at

So you don't cheat at checkers, cards, spouses or taxes meaning you don't play checkers, cards, spouses being plural is in essence cheating and you file 1040 EZ for your taxes meaning you do not make enough to cheat. Got it. Seriously Scott. My posts are not accusing you of cheating or being a cheat. We just got turned in that direction. My point was and still is for those posting here or on FB that they are so righteous and so offended by cheaters it ruins their day, week, holiday...or that Chuck cheated to beat them is just plain stupid. People spend so much time jumping on someone or something by broadcasting how great they are because they work, have a family and train hard. Who cares? I don't. I only care about my training and racing as it pertains to me or my team. I don't want to hear about what you have to do in daily life to overcome beating someone who is cheating. If you are a mid packer well guess what, you will still be a mid packer even if every cheater out there was eliminated. The only thing you have is an excuse as to why you can't train hard enough. Not you Scott. You as in all of you who are posting that Chuck can go right to hell. So to speak.

Grand scheme of things, I

Grand scheme of things, I don't give half a happy rat fart about Chuck. I've never competed against him, but if I had I'd be pretty upset, as others have expressed. Sure, bicycle racing is a hobby, a sport, but for many of us it is our passion, and we have certain expectations. Fair play being one.

My point was that not everyone cheats, and it diminishes the discussion about cheating to assume that everyone does. You say you don't accuse me of cheating, yet your opening sentence is nothing but a personal attack w/ no validity whatsoever. You certainly don't know anything about my finances, and I seriously doubt you know anything about my family/personal life (plural 'spouses' notwithstanding).

As for you, I don't know a damn thing except that, based on your statements, your moral compass needs calibrating.