Chip Seal on US36

*** 8-15-2010 Update ***

County road chip seal projects begin Monday

Boulder County, Colo. – The Boulder County Transportation Department will apply chip seal to three county roads beginning this Monday, Aug. 16.

2010 chip seal schedule:
• Nelson Road from U.S. 36 to 75th Street, Aug. 16-20
• Olde Stage Road from Lee Hill Drive to Lefthand Canyon, Aug. 23-24
• Cherryvale Road from Baseline Road to State Highway 170, Aug. 25-26

The chip seal projects will cause minor traffic delays. Schedules are subject to change due to weather and other factors. Visit for updates.

All three roads are part of popular cycling routes. “We are aware that chipping the roads makes for a less-than-pleasant cycling experience and have made some changes to our chipping product and process this year in an attempt to improve the rideability,” Transportation Director George Gerstle said. “However, there will still be impacts and cyclists should expect poor riding conditions on these roads for the next four weeks.”

Applying chip seal to county roads is a cost-effective means of extending their life. Adding stone chips to pavement after it has sat for more than five years extends the pavement life considerably, allowing for more use of the original overlay. Additionally, the cost of chipping a road is a small fraction of the cost of new paving and chip sealing uses less oil and less material than paving.

Dan Rowland, Communications Specialist
Boulder County Commissioners’ Office

*** 8-11-2010 Update ***
I was riding this morning and of course I had to head east to avoid the chip seal on US36. It was actually a nice change. I was heading west on Nelson road and there it was just west of 75th another large sign warning of more chip seal work. Starting August 16th it looks like Nelson road will be getting a chip seal face lift. Plan accordingly.

As I was riding north on US36 yesterday just north of the Broadway / US36 intersection I saw a large road sign. It was one of those informational signs that rotates a message. It looks like US36 heading north out of Boulder will be getting chip seal treatment this coming week August 10th through the 12th. I am sure most people know what chip seal is but if you dont here you go:

Chip seal is a surface treatment for asphalt pavements that extends the life of the road by sealing out moisture and adding a new driving surface. The process involves spraying liquid asphalt on the roadway and then covering it with 3/8" diameter chips. The liquid asphalt hardens with the chips embedded in it, creating the new, sealed surface. Excess chips are swept up within 24 hours after the treatment is done.

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I love this you complain

I love this you complain about the roads going to hell in wich the budget is decided by the green govenor you have elected. When CDOT tries to make a 150,000 thousand dollar road with 50, 000 you complain about that so untill you know what you are talking about I suggest you keep your tire brakes clamped tightly around your lips. and by the way dont complain untill you pay road tax for them to spend a quarter of a million dollars to sweep the shoulders that you ride on, speaking of the tax dollars you DON'T pay


I own a car and then pay this supposed road tax you speak of. I also own property in Boulder County and pay state tax. I think my rights to bitch about how my money is used are complete. I'm pretty sure the governor doesn't decide what roads are paved, and i'm also pretty sure that your obviously conservative Retardican point of view has nothing to do with this thread. CLOWN.

Fact is that US36 was in perfectly fine shape when there are roads that are all but ready to disintegrate. It is a poor choice regardless of my desire to ride a bike on it. CLOWN.

August 10th Update

I rode US36 early this morning heading North. It looks like some prep work was done yesterday. Since all the lines will be covered with chip seal they have to put down temporary plastic / rubber lane markers.

I just need to remind myself not to head north for at least a week now.

I hate chip seal!

I rode there last night

I rode there last night (Monday) and have to agree with the posters on here, WTF are they thinking with chip sealing that road? Heck most of it was repaved within the last 5 years and it is in good shape. There are plenty of projects in greater need for $ then 36.

Mayeb this was one of the great deals with the government money, where they had to spend it or lose it? Who knows.

Wow... I have never seen

Wow... I have never seen such tender rear ends. Chip seal is done to seal & protect good pavement, not as a means of punishing a bunch of crybaby cyclists. It's a road. It will have bumps. Get over it, or stay at home & ride your smooth trainer.

you're missing the point maybe

For me, it isn't about precious Michelin Prorace 3 tires (I RIDE Conti Gatorskins for just this kind of junky road) or any other such issue. For me it is exactly what we have 3 days after it is supposedly a completed project; an unsafe road for cyclists who by state law have right to safely use the road (contrary to the opinion of F-350 drivers I gather).

The random piles of gravel all over the shoulder sure made t more interesting. I would sure say the average person should not ride that road now. I have more than average bike skills. I can manage. I have plenty of other routes to get in my 250 a week. I am not the average clown that gets on a bike only on Saturday/Sunday who will crash and slide into traffic. The retard drivers (who apparently drive F-350s) sure aren't paying attention enough to avoid running over the poor schmuck.

It Was Not That Bad

I did the Bus Stop ride tonight. First I give credit to the riders as they knew about the situation and made plans for a different route. We rode over about a mile of the new chip seal. Hounestly it was not that bad and within a day or two it should be fine. As far as chip seal goes this was pretty mild. I have ridden on much worse.

On a seperate note I actually enjoyed the BS ride going somewhere else for a change. It was a bit of a cluster as I never knew where we were going, but it all worked out. We rode a lot of dirt road and that might be a good idea for us, to get off of some of the main streets. Hammering in on the dirt Res road was rather enjoyable.

So something to think about for 2011. Maybe it is time for the BS ride to come up with a new route. Then alternate each week with one we do. It would be good for us, good on the drivers, and good to stay away from the police.


Bikers of Colorado listen up........ Are you all serious with this Bitch fest that you are trying to pass off as a blog. Let me explain to you what is going on here, the guys out on the road are not on a rampage to shut down biking in colorado as you know it. The people that are making these choices are the elected officalls that you all put in office, so I suggest that you think about that before you bitch about the CDOT worker that has just spent 36 hours straight plowing slow just so you could get to your morning namaste yoga class or so you could get to Jamba Juice for a shot of wheat gress, or the next time the tire blows out on your prius or mini and the man or woman in the Orange shirt stops and blocks traffic so you dont end up as a blood smear with bits of spandex shorts on 36 think about what you just said.