The Cherry Creek Quad-fecta: A is For Alchemy

Ryan Cannizzaro and Matt Maczuzak have combined to form the perfect hand-crafted bicycle building duo. Ryan's roots are in mountain biking and building with steel and titanium. A major paradigm shift was made a few years ago, with the addition of Matt's expertise in carbon fiber manufacturing and production. And like peanut butter and jelly (or more like chia seeds and Greek yogurt for the 303Cycling crowd) it was a match made in heaven.

Alchemy bicycles are built in house, from start to finish. It truly is a beautiful process to behold. Each custom-built bike starts out as handcrafted, carbon fiber tubes, which have been formed according to the rider's unique measurements, as well as desired ride qualities.
When I visited, I got the full tour. They were creating the carbon molds for their tubes, constructing their own tube sets and then my favorite part: handcrafting and painting the finished bicycle frames.

I also got to pet the Arion Carbon Fiber Aero Road Bike in the showroom. Two-time winner of the "Best Carbon Bike" at the 2012 and 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the Arion Road is...simply [Editor's note: Thank you, Alchemy Bicycles and Nie Bros. for your patience as I leaned my face up against the frame and pretended to sleep on it in a dream-like state during our tour.]

And now for the newest addition to the drool-worthy family, hot off today's press release from Alchemy Bicycle Company:
Alchemy Bicycle Company Presents The Next Generation Balius 'Cross Bike. A 100%, custom crafted, carbon fiber cross bike (insert Homer Simpson drool sounds here).

DENVER, Colo. (November 7, 2013)

Alchemy Bicycle Company recently went back to the drawing board to update its Balius carbon fiber cyclocross bike to fit the specific needs of cyclocross. The resulting next-generation Balius now uses in-house, bladder-molded front triangle tubes versus the stock round tubes Alchemy used before. Alchemy is one of the few North American manufacturers to custom-mold its own tubes. The Balius is now 100 percent bladder-molded, shaped tubing designed specifically for cyclocross.

Matt Maczuzak, the lead design engineer for Alchemy's carbon fiber bikes, targeted the performance-oriented cyclocross racer for the Balius's upgrade, and he didn't have to look far for the type of rider that the Balius was crafted for. Johs Huseby, who oversees Alchemy's sales initiatives, raced 'cross as a pro in New England before taking a job with Alchemy and moving to Colorado, where he continues to race 'cross at the elite level in local races and the masters' category in national races.

"I was looking for a little vertical compliance while still maintaining the torsional stiffness needed to steer through rough terrain," Huseby said. "I also had the rear end made with a lay-up that was a little more forgiving as well to alleviate the harshness found in some bikes, and to give compliancy."

By custom-molding its own tubes, Alchemy is able to build in desired ride qualities by laying up the carbon fiber by hand. Bladder molding tubes affords the ability to precisely arrange carbon fibers to produce specific ride characteristics for each individual customer.

Read more about the Balius here at: I want this cx bike or contact Johs Huseby at 978.390.0337 for more information.

As always, Alchemy and the rest of the Cherry Creek Quad-fecta invites you down for a tour and/or a lunch-time ride. It's a great way to get your inner bike-geek out. But you should probably still bring your own bike, because if they are going to lend anyone the Arion or the Balius it's going to be me.

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