Chapman Drive to open to Horses but not Bikes!

From BMA Facebook Page

Remember Chapman Drive? It's a 2.5 mile road that goes from the Red Lion Inn in Boulder Canyon to the top of Flagstaff Mountain. This was one of the "regional connector" trails that was left open as an opportunity for cyclists at the end of the West TSA process. The good news is that City open space recently purchased the land necessary to open this road to the public. And work on the Chapman Drive bridge is almost complete. The bad news is that the trail will initially open to only hikers and equestrians.

Bike access will require more analysis and public input on how to introduce bikes to this corridor. BMA supports staff's approach because opening the road to bike traffic has the potential to cause significant user conflict due to the large speed differentials between downhill cyclists and all other users (including uphill cyclists). BMA would like to see bikes allowed uphill on the road and downhill on a parallel singletrack trail. We'd also like to see how close we can get to connecting Chapman Drive to Walker Ranch in order to make this part of a true regional trail connector. Engaging in this conversation will require some time and effort by staff as well as encouragement from the public (that means us).

In the meantime, please spread the word that even though horses and hikers are going to get access immediately, it is going to take some time to get access for cyclists on Chapman Drive. City open space wanted to tell the cycling community about this first, so we pass this information on in good faith that we are going to get a good result from the City of Boulder. In the mean time, let's stay away from this road until we have a chance to have a real conversation with staff about how to do it right.

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BMA might be the driving force but once completed this

BMA might be the driving force but once completed this could be a roadies dream Imagine not having to do Flagstaff as an out and back anymore. If the trail isn't to crazy this could probably be done on a cross bike. Ride up to Flagstaff from Canyon drop down in Boulder and be back at work in less than 1 hour.

Another reason why even if you aren't a fan of mountain biking BMA does a lot for our cycling community and we should support them when we can. Now Boulder Open Space, they are still working to earn back my support.


And this comes as a surprise

And this comes as a surprise to .....?

Where do they park the horse trailers?
Since there are already trails for both horses and hikers in the area (see WSTA) then those 2 groups should be banned and the road opened to bikes.

I agree with Kris about the use of this road by road bikes. Going up on the dirt and coming down the front of Flagstaff would be a great route and relieve much of the traffic strain.

Looks like good news...

From an article on the Daily Camera website (, "For the time being, pedestrians and equestrians -- as well as people using snow shoes and telemark skis -- can use the trail in both directions, Reeder said. Cyclists can go uphill toward Flagstaff Road, but not downhill toward Boulder Canyon."


So can someone confirm this: Is this a new Mountain bike trail that is opening or just access to the dirt road? Can you currently ride the dirt road? On Jan. 7 will we be able to ride the dirt road as well as the trail? Only uphill?