Changes in Qualification and Registration for Clif Bar CrossVegas 2012 Announced

LONGMONT, COLORADO — Clif Bar CrossVegas organizer Watts Marketing announced changes to qualification and registration procedures for the annual race scheduled Wednesday September 19, 2012 in Las Vegas. The biggest cyclocross event outside of Europe continues to draw worldwide attention with racers from 11 nations competing in 2011. Last year, U23 Euro racer Lars van der Haar took the win in the men’s race, with Katerina Nash taking the win in the women’s race. To see our full coverage from last season, check out our CrossVegas page.

2012 Changes Announced
Chief among the changes for 2012 is participation in the Elite Men’s category will be by invitation only. Race Director Brook Watts described the move as an effort to bring CrossVegas in greater alignment with other international races. “The race continues to attract the upper tier of cyclocross and both the field size and quality needs to respond to that,” explained Watts.

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