Cenote Water Reservoir

Cenote Water Reservoir. You’re Going to Want One of These.

I want to tell you a story about a product that you will like so much you’ll dream up extra ways to use it. You’ll go to sleep thinking how lucky you are that you bought this product or better yet how lucky that someone special is that you bought it for them. Nothing quite says “I love you” like a new 3-liter Cenote reservoir. Don’t believe all those diamond commercials. They’re lying to you.

The Cenote Reservoir is recyclable AND reusable. The concept is to provide the consumer with a product that is affordable to begin with so that you can buy more than one and use them for more than just water. Think protein drinks, Skratch, your home brewed beer or yes, you can put wheat grass in it. Once the reservoir is dirty or wonky just cut out the hard plastic (where the cap goes) and recycle that part with other #4 plastics. Then, recycle the bladder which is made from #2 plastic. Don’t know where or how to recycle? The packaging comes with pre-postmarked postage so that you can send it back to some good people who will recycle it for you. Does it get easier than that?

Here’s some news you can use:
• The materials are BPA-Free and Phthalate Free.
• The bite valve has an on/off feature.
• The cap is completely removable. My favorite feature!
• Easy to clean. Comes apart completely.
• Clear plastic which gives it that fresh clean feeling and you can see when the wonky-ness starts to build.
• Fits standard backpacks.
• Available in 2 or 3-Liter.
• Made in the USA. Assembled in the USA.

I don’t get excited too often about bladders (unless it’s my own and it’s the middle of the night) but this one does it for me. The website explains it all. You really get the feeling that the people behind this product really want you to be happy. For us local folks, they even provide the names of places to recycle the parts. “At your service” customer service for sure.

Check it out. Get one for you and for those you love. http://www.cenote.com/

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