CU talks of 2010 season, coaches, teammates and more.

See what CU team has to say about Brady Kappius, Zack Stein, Colby Pearce, 2010 nationals and much more in their 2010 state of the union address. Want to find more about Collegiate Cycling in this area? Check out our latest Colorado Collegiate Cycling page dedicated to all the news in collegiate cycling in the front range. Did you miss CSU as they talked about the 2010 season?

As far as races go, we have pretty much the same set as last year, with the addition of a CSU road race and time trial, and no races in Salt Lake City. We definitely want to dominate our own crit just like last year. Our girls team was awesome in Mesa State last year, but the men's team was a little weak, so we're hoping for better results this time around. Fort Lewis College is usually our biggest team competition, so a really strong performance again at Regionals in Durango is important.

It's going to be more expensive this time around to get our team to Wisconsin for Nationals, whereas last year in Fort Collins was very simple and cheap to organize. However, we're looking forward to racing in Wisconsin. The Kettle Moraine area is a lot different than anything out here. Wisconsin does have some decent climbs, perhaps as much as 5 minutes at a time, but for the most part, the hills are really punch rollers - maybe 30 to 50 feet tall but more than 15% grades, giving advantages to riders who can repeatedly put out sprint efforts. It also makes race tactics a little different. So we're going to have to keep that style of racing in mind while we train. It will be nice racing at Sea Level though - a pretty much instant boost of Lactate Threshold heart rate, and quicker recovery.

We had a couple of really strong Men's racers last year who more-or-less graduated - like Luke Amer, Jelly Belly's Kiel Reijnen, and TT powerhouse Brad Bingham. However, we now have Brad Kappius, who graduated from Mines last Spring and is now a grad student for CU. He focuses mainly on cyclocross - taking 3rd at Colligate Nationals, but is looking forward to this Road Season. We also have Zack Stein - a 2009 Junior Track National Champion (winning the Points Race and podium in both Scratch and Pursuit), who should be a great sprinting asset for us. Strong riders from last year to watch out for in this season include Ross Berger, Jason Woods, and Josh Yeaton. Connor Meznarich was a really strong B rider last year. This is his Senior Year at CU, his last chance for Collegiate Nationals - and he's been training like there's no tomorrow - indoor workouts on the velodrome at Boulder Indoor Cycling to improve his sprint, cross-country skiing at hilly Eldora to improve his VO_2, and then some, so he should be a major competitor in the A's as well. Tyler Nabours has been training really strictly during the winter months, and he can now climb like a mountain goat. He'll be dominating the B's, and will most likely upgrade to A's pretty soon into the season. Greg Wilkin showed domination in the C's last year - his first year racing. We're expecting strong performances from him in the B's as well.

This year we also got Colby Pearce as a coach. We're looking forward to his advice - both in terms of training, and in race tactics - as he has plenty of great experience we can learn from.

Coach Margell Abel did a great job with scheduling training rides for the Girl's squad last year, and has been keeping that up this year. She has also been working really well with a large number of newer members this year, focusing on improving pedaling, pace lining and hill climbing techniques. New member Heather Fischer formerly ran cross-country and has just decided to give road racing a try. Her fitness is clearly there and it shouldn't be long before she learns some race tactics and moves up from B's to A's. Luke Amer's sister Tess just started at CU. She's already familiar with some of the tactics of racing, and cycling speed is definitely in the family genes.

A lot of last year's team is still around and looking strong - Kim Trenbath, Nora Olson, Natalie Koch, and some others. Megan Cole has made a good recovery from her very scary crash at Nationals in Fort Collins last year and should be pretty strong again last year. Former Olympian Triathlete Flora Duffy began bike racing last year and had been a very powerful force in the A's. Her training has her in top notch form this year and will no doubt be dominant this year.

One thing that helped us out a lot last year was the addition of sponsor Lifelong Massage ( Owner Jen Stone-Gerardy offers heavily discounted massages to all members of the team, which speeds our recovery, aids the healing of injuries and helps prevent future injuries, and keeps our legs fresh for training and racing. Lifelong Massage joined the CU Sponsors list in the Spring last year, and massage service were essential during the racing season. Having the sponsorship during the Fall and Winter has enhanced our mountain bike team, offseason cross-training activities as well as base training on the road. 2010 should be a great
season for CU.

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