Colorado BMX Racer David Herman Headed to the London Olympics

The Denver Post recently did a feature on local BMX racer David Herman who was the first rider to qualify for the men's Olympic BMX team. The article includes the touching story of how his mother Mickey's illness inspired David to make a promise to himself and his mom to return to London after a fifth place finish last summer on London's new Olympic track. David made good on his promise, by qualifying for the Olympic team, and has of course made his mother, who is still recovering from heart failure brought on by pneumonia, extremely proud.

"Oh, how I wish I could be there," said the mother who pored over BMX magazines for company addresses and mailed more than 300 résumés and photographs of her son every year during his nascent career. "I always knew David would go somewhere, but I never, ever dreamed he would go to the Olympics. I knew he had the potential to do something with bikes because he was just so good. You know a lot of kids quit when they didn't win, but David, he never quit. He kept going even after he lost. That's when I knew he really wanted it. He really wants to be in this sport."

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