Burke Swindlehurst - Crusher in the Tushar

Photo Credit: Bill Kettler

Earlier this spring I had heard about a cool cycling event in Utah. I didnt know alot about the event until recently when promoter Burke Swindlehurst sent us and email. We asked him a few questions about the event.

[303Cycling] Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?
[Burke] I raced professionally on the road both domestically and internationally for 13 years with teams such as Saturn, Navigators, Toyota/United and Bissell as well as racing professionally on the Mt. Bike for Moots and Monavie/Cannondale. After retiring from professional racing last year, I took a position as a Director Sportif for Team Bissell. I have also worked with the Tour of Utah for going on 7 years as a course designer and team liaison. 

[303Cycling] Can you tell us a little about the event you are putting on (i.e. distance, how did you get the idea, etc)?
[Burke] The race is 79 miles and is comprised of equal parts pavement and dirt fire-road. It features 12,500 feet of climbing and will reach an elevation of over 11,500 feet at the KOM/QOM point which is also Utah's highest road located in the stunning Tushar mountains of South-Central Utah. I specifically designed the course to not favor a particular kind of bike so that participants could choose their weapon of choice with the caveat that riders cannot change bikes during the event and must be completely self-supported mechanically.

I've been scheming the Crusher in the Tushar course since back in early 2000 when I was preparing for the now defunct Boulder to Breckenridge race. I trained on many of the roads the Crusher will utilize to get ready for that event. When I retired from professional racing last year, the idea just kept gnawing at me, so I decided why not make it into a reality?!

[303Cycling] Why this type of event? 
[Burke] I wanted to create an race that would see "roadies", mt. bikers and cyclo cross riders all converge at the same event and get a true almagamation of not just bikes, but bike riders and people who all relish a huge challenge and being in beautiful, out of the way places. In essence, I've tried to condence everything I've come to love about bike racing and riding into one event so that I can share that with others. I also really like the ultra-endurance format of racing since you get to go out and test and punish yourself all day and then sit around with your buddies afterward and swap war stories over some food and drink. It's very satisfying.  Being able to execute that succesfully with The Crusher will make me a really happy dude!

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to add?
[Burke] Just come out to Beaver, Utah on July 16th and experience this thing for yourself. I promise it won't dissapoint!

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