Buffalo Creek - Mountain Biking

Buffalo Creek - Single Track

I like riding my bike. I ride mostly on the road because it is convenient and with limited time its what I do. I forget how much I like to ride my mountain bike and then there are days like yesterday. I took the day off work and headed down to Buffalo Creek. Buffalo Creek is due west on Hwy 285 then south at Pine Junction.

A good portion of the area has been devastated by fires. The Buffalo Creek Fire in 1996 destroyed almost 12,000 acres and the Hi Meadows Fire in 2000 destroyed over 10,000 acres.

The landscape is surreal with the burned out areas and the rock formations and the mountain biking is fantastic! The trail system features smooth, rolling singletrack and lots of variety.

I am sure on a weekend it is a little crowded but its a huge area and there are lots of trails and dirt roads to explore. The trails are fairly well marked but I would recommend printing and bringing a map

My favorite trails are Shingle Mill, Charlie’s Cutoff and Sandy Wash but to tell you the truth all the riding that I have done in the area is great and well worth the drive. If you ride soon you get the bonus of the aspens changing.


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