One Colorado Stage race ends, Breck Epic, as another is about to start

So does Breck really have the best mountain biking in the "reasonable driving distance from Denver"? Over the course of the Breck Epic stage race, Jeff Wu from Alchemist, a custom clothing company captured in words and video some of the experiences a mountain bike stage racer "endures" as they spend a week up in beautiful Breckenridge racing the Breck Epic. Read all about Jeff's ride at

Breck Epic early-bird entrants will receive a massive discount. $649 instead of the retail price of $995. That’s a discount of, like, um, a lot of coin. It’s good until Mike catches up on his sleep, which is something like a week from now. Event dates are Aug 11-16, 2013. Register at

Now onto the next cycling event in Breckenridge

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