Brandon Dwight Interview

Photo Credit: Michael Robson

Brandon Dwight is a well known figure in the Boulder cycling scene. Not only is he a National CX champion (Men 35-39 - 2007 and 2008), he is also owner of Boulder Cycle Sport. With the opening of his second BCS store, 303Cycling decided to ask him some questions about his start in the sport as well as his latest endeavor. Here are his answers:

[303Cycling] Tell us a little about Brandon Dwight's cycling history.
[Brandon] When I came to Boulder in 1990 to attend the University of Colorado, like most freshman, I bought my first mountain bike. I believe, it was a hardtail Giant ATX 760. I thought it was the coolest bike ever. I started exploring the hills and trails around Boulder. In fact, I can recall riding up Flagstaff on that bike searching for trails, not knowing most trails in Boulder were off limits to mountain bikers. There I was in my hiking boots, old ratty t-shirt, baggy sweatpant shorts and no helmet, hammering up the base of Flagstaff. After about 5 minutes, it felt like my legs caught fire and my lungs were bleeding. I thought I as going to die of a heart attack at 19 years old. I had to pull over at the first turn out, hoping there was a pay phone (no cell phones back then!) in case I had to call 911.

After I resuscitated myself, I looked around and found a trail that looked like it descended down to the base of the road I had just climbed up. As I entered the trail, I saw a sign that read, "NO BIKES". I thought to myself, "No way. This is Boulder. Bikes are allowed everywhere." So, I made my way down the trail. I was loving it. Jumping off rocks, skidding around corners, wind in my face. I was mountain biking! I got a few bad looks from some hikers who were making their way up the trail, but at the time didn't think anything of it. I'm probably lucky I didn't get a ticket. Anyway, that was my first ride on singletrack and I was hooked.

To make a long story short, I raced my first mountain bike race in Winter Park in 1993, started traveling around every summer to do the Colorado Off Road Points Series (CORPS) from '94-'99. Turned pro in '99. Never made any money as a pro (too slow!). Dabbled on cyclocross throughout my mountain bike racing years, and have made it my racing focus since "retiring" from professional mountain bike racing in 2000.

A lot has happened between my near death experience up Flagstaff in 1990 to today, but I'll save that for my book. Ha!

[303Cycling] Tell us a little bit about the new Boulder Cycle Sport store.
[Brandon] The new store is located in the old The North Face space in the Table Mesa Shopping Center. The space had been vacant for many years and my business partner, Taro Smith, and I have always had our eye on it. We knew the South Boulder market was under served and felt like we could create a nice option for the community and surrounding areas. Like our North Boulder store, we are catering to all levels of cyclists. From beginners to experienced riders.

[303Cycling] How will the new store differ from the old store?
[Brandon] It's much larger, nearly double the square footage. The shop was professionally designed by a local retail design firm called 3 Dots Design. We really wanted to create a clean, inviting and open space with bright colors, inspirational graphics and a great layout. We have dedicated nearly 50% of the retail space to women's bikes, apparel and accessories. We created a kids only room with everything for the young rider. There is also a dedicated fit room with a computer and camera system running the Specialized Body Geometry fitting software and we have some of the finest certified fit specialists in the area. Not to mention the store has one of the best views of the Flatirons of any retail space in Boulder!

[303Cycling] Many who know you know that you are the person behind How did that come about?
[Brandon] I started Dopers Suck in 2004, after Filip Meirhaeghe (world champion mountain biker at the time) got busted for taking EPO. I made a t-shirt with iron-on letters from the local fabric store that read "DOPERS SUCK". I wore it to a NORBA National mountain bike race the following weekend. Everyone loved the t-shirt. Plus, Geoff Kabush was staying with me at the time so I made him a t-shirt, too. He won the race that weekend and wore it on top of the podium. The next day, I registered the domain name and started selling t-shirts. It's come a long way since then, but it's really just a small and fun little side project.

[303Cycling] BCS is known as the cyclocross store in Boulder. Anything new and exciting for the 2010 cyclocross season?
[Brandon] I know there are a lot of new things coming out as companies scramble to get a piece of the growing cyclocross market. I have been testing the new brakes from Avid Shorty Ultimate brakes from Sram and have been very impressed. I've also been seeing prototype treads of the new Clement tires which will be coming out soon. They look good. I think tubeless tire set ups for cyclocross wheels are really going to take off this year. More options in wheels (from Stan's No Tubes for example) as well as tire options will help drive it. I still think tubulars are the way to go, but tubeless is an excellent option for someone who wants more versatility.

When you're out there this weekend, stop by and check out the new store. Best of luck to Brandon from 303Cycling!

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