Boulder's Pearl Street Bike Corral Program to Get Formal Study

Boulder's Pearl Street bike corral program to get formal study

Residents offering mostly high praise for test program
By Heath Urie Camera Staff Writer

What has been an informal survey about the popularity of two new "bike corrals" installed on opposite ends of the Pearl Street Mall will soon become part of a formal study to help determine the future of parking along the popular pedestrian mall.

The city installed the corrals last September, in an experiment to see how people respond to trading a traditional vehicle parking spot for an on-street bike rack with room for up to eight bicycles.

So far, the experiment seems to be a roaring success.

"Even in the middle of winter, we are seeing that people are using them and that bike parking is being well utilized along both blocks," said Marni Ratzel, Boulder's bicycle and pedestrian planner.

The city has been soliciting feedback from residents about the corrals for the last five months via its Web site, So far, at least 40 people have commented about the bike racks.

"Most of the feedback we've gotten is that these are great," Ratzel said.

Only about three comments have been from people upset about losing parking spaces along the mall.

"Others said, 'now there's less parking for me,'" she said.

Other comments have related to the aesthetics, since the racks have an almost industrial feel.

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