Heil Ranch re-opens Friday

From Boulder County

Hall Ranch is open and it apparently is a MESS

Boulder County, Colo. – The Picture Rock and Wild Turkey trails at Heil Valley Ranch Open Space will reopen this Friday, Jan. 29.

The trails were closed due to muddy conditions that were causing severe trail and vegetation damage.

Limited parking – for cars only – at the Picture Rock trailhead will also open on Friday.

The parking lot and trailhead are under construction and are expected to be completed this spring when weather conditions improve. The completed project will include a restroom, an information kiosk, and additional car and equestrian parking.

When visiting open space properties, please keep these winter trail conditions and guidelines in mind:
• Trails in the foothills and mountain areas are extremely variable during winter and spring due to freeze/thaw conditions; please consider using surfaced trails in the plains to ensure an enjoyable visit and minimize erosion and vegetation damage
• Ice and snow can cause user safety concerns
• Avoid use when temperatures are above freezing (afternoon in general)
• Stay on trail and go through the mud to minimize impacts to surrounding vegetation
• Shortcutting switchbacks and bypassing muddy areas greatly increases erosion and widens the trail
• Closures may be enacted if conditions worsen and/or resource damage is evident

Vivienne Jannatpour
Communications Specialist
Boulder County Parks and Open Space vjannatpour@bouldercounty.org

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