Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and me

Today I took a visit to the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine due to an re-injured foot half way through Saturday's race. We are soooo lucky to have such an amazing facility in the front range that can deal with injuries, especially cycling related. These people really know cycling injuries, you can say, they wrote the book on cycling injuries! The person I saw today was Matt Schneider and he was great, he could really speak to cyclist, he even knew when the Colorado CX state championships are!!! I love my family physician, she can help me with the flu but when it comes to my needs as a cyclist she is not there.

Today's diagnosis, broken foot!

The red dot is next to the break on the right side

After I heard that I had broken my foot I was in shock! Then he told me that that I couldn't race any more this year and I almost cried and he noticed and asked if I had plans for Colorado State CX, which I did but my heart is really on nationals since it is back in my home state and just 10 minutes from my inlaws. But then he said I could ride, just no CX racing and that he would re-evaluate me on Dec 9 to see if I can race nationals! So my Colorado racing season is OVER but I can still ride and nationals is still an option.

Ironically I just saw in VeloNews the other day how Tim LeCarner from VeloNews is working with Andy Pruitt on getting him fixed to ride painless on the bike again. He plans on writing about his progress.

My new boot

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