Where is Boulder's BRA?

I think Boulder has lost its BRA or maybe they never had a BRA. Those who follow cycling news, especially that of recent events on West TSA access have to take a moment and reflect on the power of BMA. Whether the BMA wins or not the West TSA access issue it shows the power of a tightly knitted mountain biking community! So where is BRA (Boulder Road biking Association)? While lefthand canyon issues were blowing up road cyclist had no unified voice to help them fight the opponents. Lucky for us Boulder County officials are extremely supportive of road cyclist and Bicycle Colorado helps too but they cover the entire state so their resources are limited. We are extremely lucky in Boulder as a road cyclist to have so much support from the county but that doesn't mean we could us a BRA. That support may not last forever causing a saggy slump towards the opponents.

Give us your opinion on BRA or the lack thereof a BRA

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I was a member of the

I was a member of the Lefthand Canyon issues working group referenced above. The Boulder Cycling Club was also a participant through about half the process, and then withdrew without telling us why. I think the BCC would be the equivalent of the BMA? The description above is not very accurate. Kris was at the Grange meeting (which was mostly canyon residents), but the working group itself was mostly cyclists, and there was never really a need for a "unified voice." There's no common enemy in the canyons, we all want the same thing: calm drivers and safe cyclists!

Community Cycles

Community Cycles, in addition to teaching bike mechanics and safety, advocates for all cyclists in Boulder County. We served on the task force for the bikes in the canyons issue and work extensively with city and county staff and elected officials on bicycling issues. Sign up for our e-news to keep up to date on what we are working on http://eepurl.com/cpiU , or better yet, become a member of Community Cycles- you get to use our full bike shop for free, get all sorts of extra perks and you support our bike advocacy efforts in Boulder County and beyond. http://communitycycles.org/get-involved/cc-membership.html

Community Cycles is NOT BRA!

Are you serious?! What has CC done for the recreational road cyclist? Maybe if those cyclist are inmates at Boulder County jail or make less than 20k a year. You did teach us how to make our own fenders for winter, great, saved me $20 on something I'll never use. You are NOT the version of BMA for road cyclist in Boulder County, not even close. Keep up the good work in your niche community but stay out of our until you change your philosophy and that is community cycles should help ALL cyclist, don't alienate us.

Community Cycles

I bet Boulder County & CDOT transportation staff would disagree with you that CC does not address the concerns of recreational and regional cyclists. We are working with the County to push up the schedule for shoulder improvements on the road to Eldorado Springs. I don't think too many work release inmates are doing a rec ride there. We are also working on regional connections between the towns in Boulder County, the US 36 bikeway and shoulder improvements other county roads like Valmont and Arapahoe. We were involved in trying to get CDOT and the county to use finer grade materials on the recent slew of chip seal projects.
Yes, as our mission to get more people on bikes, we do a lot with low income folks and kids, but our programs do not end at the bike shop. We sit on committees that address all types of bicycling - utilitarian and rec (and there is a lot of crossover)and work closely with all levels of gov to make biking more accessible if you want to ride 1 mile or 60 or more.

That was funny! No BRA in this town

What does Community cycles do for me? I'm a white male middle class rec rider sometimes racer (but suck) and I can't think of a single thing CC does for me. I'm at best a 2x a month MTB rider and I DO see the value in BMA but CC. And if they do benefit riders like me (and maybe they do) then they need to fire their marketing person like tomorrow because it never filters down to me.

Lefthand a simple example

Lefthand was a simple example but yes I was at the one meeting at the Grange... who was our supporter there? Yes BCC was there as a group and that was helpful but will BCC step up on every issue effecting cyclist in Boulder. Not bashing BCC, everyone should be grateful for their support at the moment in time but is that their directive like BMA has to support the Boulder Mountain Bike Community? If they want to move into that arena than great, but imagine the power we (Boulder Road Cyclist) could have if we had a organization that worked with the County, Sheriff or even fellow cyclist to resolve issues?

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Grange meeting, Community Cycles

Kris, again, you only went to one meeting and it was the one where local residents were given a chance to vent. The room was full of cyclists and I think it was the right choice (although a hard one to carry out) to not respond to the venting. What is there to say to someone who never again wants to see a bike in "their" canyon? Like BMA does so effectively, we continued to take the high road and not get dragged into a shouting match. As far as Anonymous and their rant against Community Cycles... well, I guess there's a first time for everything. I didn't think I'd ever hear anyone lay into CC, it's an incredible organization doing great work, and as Sue points out, a lot of it behind the scenes where Anonymous has no idea what they're contributing. And I guess being clueless doesn't stop the A's of the world from having their say.

Funny that I get a

Funny that I get a newsletter from BCC today... and when I clicked on their facebook button it didn't work... and when I search for them there's 3 listings, and the largest one has stripper spam on it. So I hit reply and their email is dead.

Get it together guys!

Need for BRA

I certainly think Boulder could benefit from more active voices in the cycling community. Community Cycles is who I support. Their advocacy commmitte keeps me informed and gives me the opportunity to know when my opinions might be useful.

I am glad you care "anonymous".