Boulder man killed while cycling in Fort Collins

We reported on this yesterday but here is the story for the Daily Camera:

Jim Fogelberg: A man of many gifts and a passion for life

When family and friends list all the things Boulder's Jim Fogelberg enjoyed doing in his free time, it's hard to imagine how he found enough hours in the day to enjoy them all.

"He was a Renaissance man," said his wife, Geni. "He used all sides of his brain, creative, analytical. He could just do it all."

All of the people Fogelberg met in his many adventures mourned Wednesday upon hearing that Fogelberg, 64, was struck and killed Tuesday evening in a collision with a car in Fort Collins where he worked.

A Fairview High and University of Colorado graduate, Fogelberg was a multi-talented man who could do just about whatever he set his mind to, his family said.

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Another Cyclist hit on same road 15 minutes earlier

First City Cycling Team member, Nate Taggatz, was hit by a truck Tuesday evening, just 15 minutes before another cyclist was hit and killed on the same road. At roughly 5:45pm, Nate was heading back into Fort Collins on County Road 38E (Harmony Road) just past Horsetooth Mountain Park when he was hit....

James Fogelberg of Boulder Colorado was killed 15 minutes later and 8 miles further East on Harmony road in the exact same scenario. IE-a driver turning left in front of a cyclist, blinded by a setting sun.

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Driver ticketed in fatal collision

From the Daily Camera

The driver of a car that hit and killed a Boulder cyclist while riding in Fort Collins in October was issued a municipal citation last week.

Bradley Hansen, 50, was ticketed Nov. 6 for failing to yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic when making a left turn, according to a news release from Fort Collins Police.

Police say Hansen was driving a pickup truck Oct. 8 when he hit Jim Fogelberg, 64, of Boulder.

According to police, Hansen was driving a 2004 Nissan Titan west on Harmony Road and made a left turn in front of Fogelberg onto Hinsdale Drive. The front of Fogelberg's bicycle collided with the passenger side of the truck.

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