"City’s numerous pathways and underpasses successfully conveyed floodwaters through Boulder"

Did you know that years/decades ago one of the successful sales pitch used to convince conservative council members to agree to a Boulder Bike Pathway system was that they might help mitigate flood waters in the event of a flash flood. Maybe that is just an urban legend but either way the bike paths had played their part. According to Boulder City officials

The city of Boulder Greenways system is comprised of a series of corridors along riparian areas including Boulder Creek and its tributaries, which provide an opportunity to integrate multiple objectives, including habitat protection, water quality enhancement, storm drainage and floodplain management, trails, recreation and cultural resources. The multi-use paths along the riparian corridors serve a dual purpose of providing a recreation/transportation trail network and storm water conveyance. The city was able to construct this extensive network of paths and underpasses by leveraging our flood utilities funding with transportation funding. During recent flooding, the city’s numerous pathways and underpasses successfully conveyed floodwaters through Boulder, reducing flooding of streets and properties. Many of these underpasses are now closed because they are flooded and filled with sediment. Additional information about the Greenways program can be found on the following webpages:



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