Boulder 1 of 3 cities remaining in the selection for 2014 & 15 National Cyclo-cross Championships

From USA Cycling

Three cities have been selected as finalists to host the 2014 and 2015 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships, USA Cycling announced Wednesday. The three potential host cities are Asheville, N.C. (Biltmore Estate), Austin, Texas (Zilker Park) and Boulder, Colo. (Valmont Bike Park).

With six bids under consideration, USA Cycling evaluated potential host cities using various criteria, including: accessibility, community support, course options, technical expertise and the organization’s commitment to volunteer recruitment, marketing and lodging.

USA Cycling will conduct site visits before making the final determination. The strength of each bid will be re-examined after reviewing the proposed course, venue location and available facilities. Additionally, USA Cycling will meet with the local convention and visitors bureau and sports commission staff.

“We are extremely excited about the quality and depth of the bids we received for this event,” National Events Director Kelli Lusk said. “All of the cities offered spectacular presentations. We’re confident that any of these three cities would make a great host for this event in 2014 and 2015.”

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For a regular, local race series, parking is fine. For Nats, not so much. Compare the close-in parking at Bend and Kansas City - racers had access to a big team parking lot with team own warm-up tents and a nearby lot for their own cars (which truly was 2 minutes away). The walk up the hill is more than 5 minutes and riding up that hill when you are totally soaked and frozen after a race in 20 degree temps is going to be a problem (and will be more than 2 minutes).

Cross guys are now complinaing about a 5 minute walk?

People, seriously? It is cross, not golf...............

You are some bad ass who wants to race in the mud, but then a 5 minute ride to your car is going to be an issue? I raced in the am at Valmont, some how made it back to my car, and then walked my 2 kids over to watch the pro races in the PM. Somehow I managed to live. The stuff riders find issues with is amazing to me. Going forward all races to be held in the parking lot of Walmart, so we can all park on the course.

Talk to the Boulder boys who

Talk to the Boulder boys who raced in the cold rain in Bend last year. Took them an hour in a blazing hot truck to warm up and be able to move their hands & toes. Providence several years ago, Brandon nearly got hypothermia. Truly, in those conditions, a 10 minute walk up the hill to your car is a long way. In milder conditions, sure, not a big deal. But again, this is nationals, in January, and you need to be prepared for the worst.

Unless you have enough

Unless you have enough parking for every competitor to be within a minute or two walk from the finish, you can't address the 'prepare for the worst' issue with parking alone. Have sufficient space in a warming tent within a couple of minute walk of the finish and folks can park wherever.

The solution to this potential problem is not related to the parking situation. You can host the event at Valmont or the Rez or Xilinx, doesn't matter as long as you have a tent and space heaters.

Re: Parking at Valmont

while I personally don't have a large issue with the parking at Valmont, I can absolutely see where it could be an issue for an event the quality/scale of Natz. I have a couple sneaky spots that I used this year that weren't exactly close to either the pits or registration but better than most.

I like the warm-up tent idea but for a race of that size, it'd need to be circus tent huge (wouldn't it?). I'm assuming I would be able to leave my "stuff" there while I race and then come back to get it?

I didn't race up at the Loveland course (sorry, was on the backside of being burnt-out after a long season) but didn't they have some sort of warm-up facility?

Cross of the North

Yes, that was held at the Ranch/Larimer Co. Fairgrounds and took advantage of a big building typically used for horse events. There was a separate area for bike washing (yes, indoors!), bathrooms with showers, registration & awards, and lots of room indoors to set up your trainer to warm up.

good idea

E2 worked pretty closely with the USGP team for New belgium Cup. So we're definitely up for collaborating on nats if wanted. Drop me a line if you wanna discuss it. It was an incredibly good facility for a cross race and by all accounts, one of the best courses of the year, and whats more, we had total free range in course design and there was a lot of land out there we didnt even use.