Cycling stats from Boulder Bcycle and Denver Bcycle

From 13th and Spruce Bcycle Install

Highlights from Boulder Bcycle
Here are some program stats from our launch on May 20th through August 1st:

• 9,046 trips
• 869 annual members
• 3,103 24-hour users

These B-cyclists have ridden an estimated 16,000 miles, burned more than 2 million calories, and saved more than 47,000 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere!

Our most popular station, by far, is the one at 15th and Pearl, followed by the one at 11th and Pearl, so downtown locations are really buzzing. We're installing two more stations—one at Whole Foods on 28th & Pearl and the other at the Village Shopping Center (by Zolo)—this month and another three stations this fall.

Highlights from Denver Bcycle as reported in the Life on the Hill newspaper.

“We have seen a substantial increase in daily usage of B-Cycles,” said Parry Burnap, executive director of Denver Bike Sharing, when making the announcement July 25. “With close to 1,000 rides per day in July and more than 200,000 rides total from both seasons combined, we’re excited to see the environmental, economic, and public health benefits bike-sharing has on the community.”

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