Boulder Wednesday Crit Series

For those who don't browse our Colorado Cycling Calendar you'll miss great events like this new weekly Wednesday Crit Series in Boulder put on by Sanitas Sports. Starts at 5:50 on the north side of town between Gunbarrel and Niwot and they run 3 fields. Great opportunity for those who have been complaining about the high cost of racing these days. I personally wish is was not on Wednesdays because for me CU Short Track takes priority but practice crit racing is way more fun than the real thing if you are slow like me.

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There is no USAC local

There is no USAC local association for road in Colorado, thus no leader. But, there's a little symbol by the race name when you click on the map to find a race, that indicates that the promoter has agreed to submit results to USAC's results and rankings program. In the list of races for the state, if results have been posted, there's a link. Maybe it just takes time for the wheels to turn, so to speak.

crit series city investigation

really enjoyed the couple times I made it out to race the series this year. However, just heard from a friend who works in the city that they'll be investigating this fall the non-permit issue, a very serious matter. Seems the promoter ran these races on public roads without ever contacting the county, only to be tipped off after the fact.