Boulder Wednesday Crit Series

For those who don't browse our Colorado Cycling Calendar you'll miss great events like this new weekly Wednesday Crit Series in Boulder put on by Sanitas Sports. Starts at 5:50 on the north side of town between Gunbarrel and Niwot and they run 3 fields. Great opportunity for those who have been complaining about the high cost of racing these days. I personally wish is was not on Wednesdays because for me CU Short Track takes priority but practice crit racing is way more fun than the real thing if you are slow like me.

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ACA Provides??

Perhaps now would be a good time for Chris McGee, the Executive Director, to outline exactly what the ACA does for Colorado racing and how it differs from USAC. Maybe even throw some financial specifics out there for everyone to see.

From what I can see there's been a lot of talk about this issue and not a lot of action.

competition is a good thing response

Compared to what USAC's "system" can offer ACA, there is no reason for ACA to rejoin USAC. We have been sustaining and thriving for many years now and have been overlooked by USAC. Their "LocaL Association" program gives back a fraction of the money ACA has been able to stockpile and use for our community. ( The chip issue will be solved making ACA that much more independant and relavent. It is up to USAC to put away the stick and use the carrott to bring ACA and OBRA back to them.

You Are Out Of Touch

You are out of touch and representative of why CO racing is in decline. On our team 70% of the guys have USAC license. You do not know, or race with people who do the colligate races regular categories, anyone who ever races out of state (heaven forbid we spoiled CO racers travel), do one of the USAC events in CO (Aspen Crit or the Durango weekend for example), or race at a junior, elite, or masters nationals?

Switching back and forth is just a stupid suggestion. Like so many things in CO if it is a good event go out and support it. CO riders have become the biggest bunch of complainers, ah City Park is too technical, whahhhhh Dead Dog has too much climbing, bo ho there is dirt/sand at Mead, and now the new one cry that it is a USAC race.

Thank you to Barry for getting these races going. It is appreciated it. I will try to be there as much as I can. Also a big thank you for permitting it with USAC. Ithat is a good move and one I am happy to see.

Great turnout for most ACA races

Most ACA races have had a great turn out this year. Lousiville Crit, Roubaix, Haystack, Koppenburg, Deer Trail, Wheels of Thunder, Sonic Boom, Morgul-Bismark Crit & RR.
Only races with super low turnouts where last weekend - Weekend off, courses? - and and Hill Crit(Rain)

Great Turn out at CSP Thursday race - 100+ - 60+ 4s.

Biggest decline is in the 1-2s. Numbers is declining of non-UCI racers pretty fast.
Hopefully this series will bring out a few more? Not sure, haven't seen results.
USAC Colorado Crits - Numbers of 1-2-3s are low also, so it's not the UCI-USAC-ACA thing.
Aspen -
Iron Horse -