Boulder Wednesday Crit Series

For those who don't browse our Colorado Cycling Calendar you'll miss great events like this new weekly Wednesday Crit Series in Boulder put on by Sanitas Sports. Starts at 5:50 on the north side of town between Gunbarrel and Niwot and they run 3 fields. Great opportunity for those who have been complaining about the high cost of racing these days. I personally wish is was not on Wednesdays because for me CU Short Track takes priority but practice crit racing is way more fun than the real thing if you are slow like me.

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Bummer it's permitted through USCF. Nobody I know has had a USCF license for 10 years...

They should do every other week, ACA - USCF, and see how the numbers compare. Great training course, but not worth the extra $10 for a one-day license. (I know they are doing it so a handful of UCI riders can race because UCI-USACycling can't agree on what is best for American Racing...)

competition is a good thing

On the contrary, I think it is wonderful that it is USAC sanctioned. I've talked with a couple of promoters and they are seriously considering switching over to USAC for 2012. The timing chip, the diluted racing, inability for registered pros to race, the ACA races just don't cut it anymore. ACA started as a grass roots program in part thanks to skyrocketing costs of putting on a USAC event. Now its the ACA that is overpriced, especially for what it can offer. Talk to any rider wanting to upgrade to a 1 racing mostly in the ACA. ACA and USAC have a reciprocity agreement but very very few get that upgrade unless they do USAC races. Now UCI pros can't race ACA, the timing chip ugliness and fees. What was it $75 for me to pick up a ACA lic and chip this year? Another $800 for promoters for the timing system? Its like going to the car dealer and the sales guy charging me extra for crank windows as a premium option. No thanks, the racing format has tried to go too many directions to please too many people when I am sure you'll find that what people really want is first an opportunity to race, and second good racing, that is it. Scale down the "perks", scale down the number of possible fields, and let the racers do what they do best, duke it out and make it exciting. And if the ACA can't facilitate that anymore then USAC looks like a good option to explore. Not to mention it will take away that barrier of entry to go travel and race while inviting others to travel here to race having only one governing body and one lic. people need to purchase.

alternative viewpoint: many

alternative viewpoint: many if not most of my friends and teammates renew both Fed and ACA licenses annually. If you race collegiate and/or travel outside the Front Range then it only makes sense.

also for the extra $$ you shell out to the Feds you receive much more in the way of benefit, for anyone who hasn't renewed recently (airline vouchers, GREAT group health plan, bunch of good product deals, discounts on power meters, etc...). I have renewed my USAC license for the past 3 years strictly for the medical coverage since I don't qualify for benefits through my job.


I shelled out $75 for my ACA license and then another ~$60 for my USAC one to race the various USAC events and some out of state stuff. I'm all for going down to one organization.

no one has mentioned the

no one has mentioned the huge amount of money that would be funneled straight out of our community if the ACA joined USAC. They would redistribute your fee money to the rest of the country and we wouldnt have programs like junior camps etc. There are some major disadvantages to joining USAC. I suggest you look into the details.

junior camps..pssshh!

Last time I checked the ACA doesn't run a national team for up-and-coming jr to u23 racers. The usa national team not some stupid aca camps is the future of american cycling and you should seriously stop whining about the uscf taking all your money out of colorado.

You might want to look at

You might want to look at the facts too. A good place to start would be the insurance policy that USAC has for riders versus the ACA. I like the ACA and all, and I carry my own insurance (which any sane person would), but the ACA policy is pretty poor, compared to USAC, if you ever needed to use it.

So all this money the ACA gets to keep, if I am not a junior how do I benefit from it? I am a 36 year old guy who races some sr races and some masters races. I am not sure honestly how any of that money has directly benefited me? Yes I get it that it supports the race kit, the nice web site, and BAR/BAT, but that are side benefits. My ACA license has gotten more expensive every year and race fees keep going up. I race out of state, I have done 3 USAC races in CO this year, and I will do masters nationals. I need a USAC license.

I for one would prefer we go back to USAC and work with them to make the deal fair and work for both sides. Beth is gone, cannot we at least to talk to them?

huge amounts of money to

huge amounts of money to do... what? exactly? I hear this argument fairly often, with zero valid evidence as to what it actually means.

What does the ACA currently provide to this region that the USAC could not do just as well? I can't think of a single thing. If ACA folded tomorrow, it would be nearly transparent to membership. You'd see the exact same promoters holding the exact same races, just via a different licensing body. There might even be potential to upgrade local events to regional championships, and even national level events, which would draw more riders from out of area. The pros wouldn't have the UCI hassles to deal with. All of the local junior camps, women's mentoring programs, grassroots projects, coaching, et cetera is stuff that's being done just as effectively by USAC in other areas.

I am curious what it's like to be a decent junior racer here, especially if my parents don't have the cash to help me travel out of area for qualifying events. Where I originally came from (VA) our local promoters not only organized regional championships, they also ran and funded programs to send 3 or 4 of their top level juniors to USAC Nats every year. Does ACA do this?

USAC may have a reciprocal agreement with ACA, but in practice I've found few USAC officials who honor it. East Coast officials certainly don't.