Boulder Indoor Cycling - Boulder 6

August. Road season is coming to an end, cross season not quite started - what is there to get excited about? 303Cycling recently talked to Steven Herzfeld of Boulder Indoor Cycling to learn more about the event they're throwing later this month. It should build lots of excitement and benefit the Velodrome - a great addition to the Boulder cycling scene. Check out the details below.

[303Cycling] Can you give us the details about the Boulder 6?

[Steven] This year's Boulder 6 is going to be held August 28th, beginning at 8pm at the Velodrome. Tickets are $45. Call ahead to reserve because they won't be available at the door.

The event was a great time last year. Track racing is very exciting and entertaining for people at all levels of knowledge and understanding of bike racing. You don't need to have a deep passion for the sport to enjoy the spectacle. Hosting the event in August gets us through the slow season in more ways then one. We have a very seasonal business and are a young and growing company, so we need a little push to get us through October.

[303Cycling] The event is called the Boulder 6. Can you tell our readers a little bit about 6 day racing?

[Steven] 6-Day racing originated as 'ultra-endurance' races on velodromes around the United States including the original Madison Square Gardens held over a century ago. These races were eventually banned by state laws and led to what we now know as the Madison; a race of several 2-man teams (imagine a relay race on bikes) scored on points which riders gain in sprints during the race. Even if you can't keep track of the score, the race is an incredible spectacle.

Our event is being held in the spirit of the European 6-Day races. Modern 6-Days in Europe are huge events, essentially 6 nights of partying (which we will be fitting into one!) centered around bike racing on some of Europe's most storied velodromes. Food, beer and the Madison - that's a great night of racing!

[303Cycling] Anything else you would like to add about the event or Boulder Indoor Cycling?

[Steven] To order tickets, call Boulder Indoor Cycling at 303-CYCLING (292-5464). We sold out early last year so make sure to call!

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