Boulder Cycling Club brings back the Tuesday Ride

Photo: courtesy of Boulder Cycling Club

From Todd Atkins and the Boulder Cycling Club:

We've altered the format of our Tuesday night rides slightly. This season, we’re introducing the “no-drop 2.0” policy. We’ll still meet at Boulder Beer at 5:30, but we’ll have a pre-assigned sweep on every ride and at least 4 designated spots on every route where we will do a modified regroup. This modified regroup is designed to be flexible and break us into smaller groups of similar abilities and goals. Those that really don’t want to stop for a minute or two and don’t mind possibly getting dropped themselves will have a separate “no-stop” ride option. *This ride is limited to first time guests and current paid members.

Who Joins Boulder Cycling Club and Why?
The main reasons people give for engaging in recreational road biking are fun, exercise, and socializing. The number one reason people give for not road biking is fear of injury. The BCC addresses all of these motivations and concerns by offering safe, fun, social group rides and advocating for improvements in the safety of our road biking environment.

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