Boulder Cup cyclocross race to be held at new Valmont Bike Park

Looking for 2011 Boulder Cup?

More Valmont Bike Park news today, this press release from DBCEvents

Boulder, Colorado - July, 2011 -In 2011, the internationally recognized Boulder Cup Cyclocross race will be held at the newly opened Valmont Bike Park. Entering its sixth year, the race at Valmont Bike Park on October 30th will follow successful editions at Harlow Platts Park, the Boulder Reservoir, and Broomfield's Flatirons Crossing.

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department has selected the Boulder Cup and DBC Events (after a competitive call for proposals) as one of only a few events to be sponsored by the city at Valmont Bike Park this year.

While the Boulder Cup is only six years old, DBC Events has been promoting cycling races along the Front Range since 1988. In the early years, race turnouts might be only 100 athletes - in 2011, 700+ are expected to line up to race Boulder Cup on October 30th.

DBC Event's Chris Grealish, views cycling as not just a sport but a way to bring a whole community together."It is not about creating a race for the cycling community but about creating an occasion for an entire community to come together," explains Grealish. "By making the Boulder Cup a community-based event, we hope to introduce Valmont Bike Park to members of the community that may not have discovered the park otherwise."

The bike park, an idea 15 years in the making, became a reality when the Boulder biking community celebrated the park's opening this June. Located at Valmont and Airport roads, the park features 40 acres of natural-surface riding and multiple trails and structures for any rider's skill level, including a tricycle area for toddlers.

The opening of Valmont Bike Park was a wonderful culmination of the collaboration between Boulder's local cycling community and the City of Boulder. The Boulder Cup is excited to host its first cyclocross event at the park - as this event embodies the same spirit of collaboration and community that helped created this unique park.

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Not sure???...

Interested to see what the course looks like. After being there it looks like there is very little room to pass and no grass sections at all. All raised dirt trails and gravel paths. The raised paths leave no room at all to pass. Don't want to be a pessimist but I'm not sure about this venue for a race vs practicing skills.

Anyone else have an opinion?

Have faith!!

My first though after riding around the park was "how the hell are they going to have cross races here?" BUT - there have been many-a-venue that seemed incompatible with cross that turned out to be pretty damn fun. I imagine that enough cross-savy guys were involved with the design that on race day it will end up a solid course. Please god make it better than the $hit show that was held at flat irons. Next question, is Valmont the new place where WW will be held?


Flatirons was one of the best courses we have had in CO. Not only did CG do an amazing job coming up with a course but it was mostly grass and very challenging. While I'm excited for Valmont, I have great memories of Flatirons and Harlow Platts. Both will be missed!

bike park

Have to agree that the bike park is well suited to bike park events like dirt jumping, dual slalom, etc. Have been riding out there quite a bit and basically its loose pee gravel roads, single track well thats for the mtn bikes, leaving us with the stair run up and the sand box, maybe we can overtake the dog park for the day. Flat Irons was an amazing course, technically challenging, real grass, not the native bumpy type. We could always race on the pump track!