Boulder County's 'Bus then Bike' Shelters Open for Regional Commuters

From the Times Call:

LONGMONT -- A dozen people have been issued key cards to locked shelters where they can store their bicycles at bus stops in Longmont or Boulder, but the two shelters have room for additional bikes.

The facilities, provided by the Boulder County Transportation Department to make it easier for commuters to use both the bus and their bikes, have been up and running since Nov. 10, said Scott McCarey, the county's alternative transportation coordinator.

One shelter is at the Regional Transportation District's Roosevelt Park park-n-Ride at Eighth Avenue and Coffman Street in Longmont. The other is near 28th and Iris streets in north Boulder.

Each of the enclosed shelters can accommodate 30 bicycles, McCarey said, and the county has issued seven key cards for the Longmont shelter and five for the one in Boulder.

The bicycle shelters are intended for people who don't want to lug their bicycles onto and off buses, or who don't want to risk being late to work or school because the buses' bike racks and storage areas are full.

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