West Trail Study Update

The CCG's draft package of preliminary recommendations for discussion at the December 6th Open House is available below. The public comment period will be from November 30 - December 12, 2010. The public meeting on December 6, 2010 will be from 6-9 pm at the East Boulder Recreation Center.

A small excerpt of the document:

There are two issues on which the CCG has agreed that they have done all they can and about which they are unlikely to come to further agreement. These two “non-consensus” issues are mountain bike access opportunities and a subset of horse access opportunities.

Regarding mountain biking access to the West TSA, the CCG held a large public meeting on September 13, 2010 in order to hear different community perspectives on the issue and discuss options and concerns. At the end of that meeting, the CCG determined that they would be unable to find agreement on if/where to recommend mountain biking in the West TSA.

Regarding horse access opportunities, the CCG established a small subcommittee to discuss options for horse access. The subcommittee identified several trails on which they agreed that horse access should be allowed. The subcommittee also identified several trails on which they could not agree about horse access and/or for which an agreement on horse access was contingent on other trail decisions made by the CCG.
The CCG agreed to horse access on most of the trails that the subcommittee had agreed on. Additionally, the CCG agreed to recommend that OSMP staff explore horse trailer parking in several areas throughout the West TSA. These agreements are outlined elsewhere in this document. After coming to agreement on several other very challenging issues, the CCG agreed that they are unlikely to come to additional agreements on horse access.

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