Boulder County: Bike shelters will help commuters travel final mile

From the Daily Camera:

Boulder County: Bike shelters will help commuters travel 'final mile'

Shelters in Boulder, Longmont to be erected this spring
By Laura Snider, Camera Staff Writer

By late spring, commuters to Boulder and Longmont who can't quite make it all the way to their jobs taking the bus alone will be able to more easily use their bikes to ride "the final mile" to their destination.

Boulder County is working to install two locked bike shelters at busy bus stops -- one at the intersection of 28th Street and Iris Avenue in Boulder, and one in Roosevelt Park at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Coffman Street in Longmont. Commuters will be able to store their own bikes inside the shelters, which will be accessed by a key card, for a small fee.

"It's different than the bike-share model," said Scott McCarey, alternative transportation coordinator for the county. "You own the bike, so it's 100 percent guaranteed to be there."

The bike shelter concept is meant to tackle the transit challenge of "the final mile" -- the idea that, if people can't conveniently travel the final leg of the trip to their workplace from a bus stop without transferring to another bus, they're less likely to take the bus at all.

A study by a University of Colorado at Denver student illustrates the need for a creative solution to "the final mile" problem, McCarey said. The study found that, in Boulder, only one-third of the city's workplaces are within a quarter mile -- the longest distance considered easily walkable for commuters -- of a bus stop for a regional transit route, such as the Y, the Bolt or the N.

"Right off the bat you have about two-thirds of employment in Boulder not accessible from a regional bus," McCarey said. "And transfers are arduous for most people."

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What about B-Cycle

I thought this is one of the ideas behind B-Cycle. So, now we have the City of Boulder spending $300,000 on B-Cycle and what ever they will have to spend to build/maintain these shelters. I am not sure I would pay a small fee for either. I have a bike and a good lock.

Bike shelters

This is nice and they are making an effort! It would also be nice if they would stop showing up with luggage carrier bays and design a cool bike carrying system for the bus. The whole world is promoting being GREEN and biking and busing.