Boulder Closes Valmont Bike Park


Parks and Recreation Department requests public cooperation in staying off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent additional damage

The Parks and Recreation Department has closed Valmont Bike Park due to poor trail conditions, and is asking for public cooperation to stay off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent further damage. Recent running, snowboarding, sledding, dog walking and biking on the trails have caused excessive damage to not only the top surfacing material, but to the base layer as well. The maintenance required to repair this damage is costly and time-consuming and will extend the re-opening date of the park due to the extra surfacing maintenance work.

"Our staff is evaluating trail and feature surfacing daily to determine if any areas of the bike park can be opened, and we will notify the public once those areas open," said Kirk Kincannon, Parks and Recreation Department director. "However, due to moisture deep in the soil and surfacing material, no areas of the park will be opened within the next few days."

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) also urged the public to refrain from using the trails at this time.

"We need your cooperation to protect the coolest bike park on Planet Earth," said Jason Vogel, BMA president. "Warm weather does not mean Valmont Bike Park is ready to ride. We are contending with upwelling groundwater freezing subsurface as well as snowcover and snowmelt. These conditions are a perfect storm for destroying the park we've all worked so hard to make a reality. BMA urges all park users to respect park closures."

You can stay up-to-date on park closures and trail conditions on the Valmont Bike Park website at or the Facebook page at

From the Daily Camera

Boulder officials have closed the Valmont Bike Park due to poor trail conditions and damage to the popular park.

Recent running, snowboarding, sledding, dog walking and biking on the trails have caused "excessive damage" to the park's surfacing material and base layers, officials said in a press release today.

"The maintenance required to repair this damage is costly and time-consuming and will extend the re-opening date of the park due to the extra surfacing maintenance work," the release reads.

The closure will last at least several days.

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Valmont Bike Park - CX Nationals

Has anyone thought about the damage that would happen if we get Cyclocross Nationals? I know there is a chance that its bone dry and then we are fine. 5 days of hard racing is sloppy conditions could really do some damage.

I know the park was designed for bike riding but so is Hall Ranch or Heil Ranch or Picture Rock and most people dont ride on those trails when they are muddy.

haha you should see the mess

haha you should see the mess that's being made of the SoBo & West TSA trails right now, and not necessarily by bikes mind you. I have ventured up to NCAR and down towards the East Boulder trails a few times in the past couple of weeks just trying to get a run in on non-hard surfaces (denied).

I wouldn't even think of taking a bike out in these conditions. Over the past 2-3 weeks the trails have been variously a muddy, snowy, or icy mess. I've turned back on every trail because they're a cratered mess of boot, horse and dog tracks. And oh, even better - on one of the heavy snowmelt days as I was heading down the top of the east Boulder trail to see if it was fit for running (nope, long stretches still a muddy slushy mess), I saw some guy on a nice, highend cyclocross bike, weaving back and forth through the mud, leaving a 2" deep rut in his wake.

After I turned around at the top of the trail (before I got to the huge mud pit where I saw the guy on the cross bike), I saw an equestrian come through the gate in my direction. Let's not even discuss how much damage shod hooves do on muddy trails, yet somehow these people get a pass to go anywhere and everywhere, and no one says or does anything about it.

I used to argue that most of the trail users who went out when it was muddy and did trail destruction were casual users who don't know any better. Now I'm not so sure they aren't simply entitled jerks who know and just don't think the rules apply to them. The hikers and horses on the foothills trails around NCAR/NIST in the west TSA are doing ungodly amounts of damage right now too; I can guarantee it.

Trail Access - When Wet

I would almost like to see Open Space close trails when they get like this. I am amazed at what people (hikers, runners and bikers) will try to use when the conditions are not good.

I work out in Louisville so I often ride the Dirty Bismark but it is still not ready from the snow we got right before Christmas. I have seen the trail go from 3 feet wide to 6+ feet wide because people dont want to walk or ride in the mud.

What do you think? Close trails to everyone when the conditions are not right?

If anything horses should

If anything horses should face more strict usage restrictions than cyclists, and peds. A 2000+ lb horse and rider can easily damage a trail that a 200lb rider will not. Even damp trails can be permanatly ruined by a heavy horse, with a careless rider.

horses and erosion

I agree with you Cabin Fever! I live in Littleton and several years ago went out to MTB the Elk Meadow Loop at South Valley Open Space Park. It was springtime and had rained a few days before. I intentially waited a few days after the rain before heading out to allow the trails to dry. I'm riding along on nice tracky singletrack having a ball and I notice 1-2" deep horse hoof tracks along the center of the trail. Smashcut one year later and that line of hoof prints has turned into a 1 to 2 foot deep drainage.

Bottom line, all trail users need to stay off when wet. We have such wonderful weather in Colorado 90% of the time, so just wait a day or two for the trail to dry then go have fun. Oh yes, and equestrines should really clean up after their pets.