Boulder B-Cycle to use Art not Ads on Half of Bikes

From the Daily Camera:

After the successful launch of the Boulder B-cycle bike exchange program on Friday, May 20, the organization will be placing art acquired by Ads2Art and produced by local artists on half of their 100 bikes in lieu of traditional advertisements. The art will remain on the bikes for the next year, with advertisements affixed to the nascent group's other 50 bikes.

Boulder B-cycle, currently vying for nonprofit status, offers paying members the ability to pick up, ride and drop off shared bikes at stations throughout the city.

Ads2Art is a new branch of consumer advocacy group FearLess Cottage -- co-founded by husband-and-wife team Ana and Alex Bogusky -- whose mission is to defy conventional advertising wisdom by exhibiting locally made artwork in places traditionally designated for advertising materials.

"Ads2Art is something Alex and I came up with in an effort to help B-cycle," said Bogusky. "We're looking forward to an exciting transformation."

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