Boulder 2010 Walk & Bike to work Month

2010 Walk and Bike month runs once again in the Month of June, with the big day, Walk or Bike to Work Day being June 23rd. Citizens are encouraged to take this Day if not the entire month to explore the joy of getting around without the means of a car. There is no better place to try this than in Boulder, which is ranked 1 of 3 as a platinum cycling city! Come on Boulder, let's beat our last year's participation results. For those unfamiliar with this then stay tuned to 303cycling for updates on all of the various Walk and Bike month activities like classes on commuting, information on bike parking, locations of free food stations and tune-ups and more. For those outside of Denver, check back later as we are all waiting for the DRCOG website to get updated

Resources for Boulder's Walk and Bike Month

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