Bikes Banned in Colorado Town Roads

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Bikes banned in Colorado town roads
The town of Black Hawk, Colorado banned bicycles from most of its local streets. And Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman — who won the mayoral election unanimously in 2008 — is a drunken wife beater who consistently ranks as the most corrupt public official in Colorado. Really.

To “promote safety” (retards! pinheads! idiots!), the casino town of Black Hawk in the Colorado Front Range has banned bikes from local streets. Police have been ticketing cyclists riding through town since the ban became effective last January 2010.

As Austin On Two Wheels notes about the safety angle:

Safety. Yeah. Right. Do you know what the number one cause of accidental deaths in the US is? Cars, not bicycles. Do you know the leading cause of all deaths? Heart disease brought on a sedentary lifestyle that involves driving everywhere you go. If they really cared about the health and well being of their citizens, Black Hawk would ban cars, not bikes.

The city of Blackhawk website is down as of this writing, but the city’s (apparently official) Facebook page brags about the “many transportation options” in Black Hawk. City Hall phone number is (303) 582-2210 and (303) 582-2212, mailing address is PO Box 68, Black Hawk, CO, 80422 if you’d like let them know how you feel. The city manager’s name is Mike Copp – his email address seems to be; the mayor is David D. Spellman. The Planning Department, which probably doubles as the dog catcher in this town of around 100 people, is

Mayor David Spellman, incidentally, seems like a real character. In 2006, he was convicted of felony assault after he pistol whipped his wife — beating her several times in the head with a .38 and then shooting three times in a drunken rage — during a domestic dispute. In 2008, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations determined that Spellman personally received more than $1 million in state historical funds that were meant to preserve and restore the historical character of Black Hawk (the town council approved the purchase of land from Spellman using the state funds); he and several other town officials remain under investigation, and the former town manager was forced to resign. In 2009, Spellman purchased the local newspaper that was critical of him and fired the editor. Mayor Spellman consistently has topped the “Most Corrupt Public Officials list in Colorado. He and the town her represent seem like real gold mines.

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How many people can we get for a group ride through town? I will gladly take the ticket to clog up the court, make it all over the news (NATIONALLY!), and otherwise mess with their pathetic attempt at Nazi control. What's next? All cyclists must where a yellow star in Black Hawk? (That was called sarcasm for you Boulder politically correct folks.)

This is a welcome law.

This is a welcome law. There's too many holier-than-thou cyclists who think they have the right to clog up the road and create long backups of cars. If there isn't sufficient room for both a car and a cyclist to be side-by-side on the road, then the cyclists need to find another route to take.

No, if there isn't room for

No, if there isn't room for a cyclist and car to ride side-by-side, the car must wait until it is safe to overtake the cyclist, allowing a minimum of three feet between the car and bike. The cyclist has an obligation to ride in a predictable manner and as far to the right as is practical. Not as far as is possible. The cyclist has the right to determine what constitutes a practical distance from the right edge of the road. In no way, shape, form, or fashion should the cyclist be forced to find a different route just cause there isn't sufficient room to ride side-by-side with cars.