Bikes and Bytes Hackfest

When I first saw the press release for the Bikes & Bytes Hackfest I thought I need to learn more about this. I contacted Quick Left, one of the sponsors of the hackfest, to learn more. What better place to learn about the Bikes & Bytes hackfest but on a lunch bike ride with Rachel and Amanda from Quick Left.

The first thing some of you might be thinking is what the hell is a hackfest? I am a technical person but I have never been to one so I was thinking the same thing. From what I learned on the ride a hackfest is a event in which programmers assemble teams to work on a small software project. There is usually a specific time and theme/focus given to the hackfest. In this case its bicycles. This could mean commuting, racing, mountain biking, training etc.

From the Press Release:

The Bikes & Bytes Hackfest has a special focus on bike applications in celebration of National Bike Month and invites non-coders to attend. Bike geeks and computer geeks will join forces as they compete to develop bicycle-themed mobile or web applications in three hours or less.

Some of the ideas that I had were with performance data (i.e. Training Peaks) and Strava but after talking to Rachel and Amanda more ideas popped into my head. When ever I commute to a new destination I am looking for the following: fastest route, bikes paths I could potentially use and roads that have shoulders. I am not sure if this data is available but it would be cool if you could put in a starting point and a destination and choose what type of route your were looking for.

I am definitely going to attend the event as both a nerd and a cyclist.

What ideas do you have?

January Quick Left Hackfest 2013 from Quick Left on Vimeo.

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