Bike Jeffco's next meeting is Nov. 12th!

From Dave Evans, Chair of Bike Jeffco:

The debate by the Jeffco County Commissioners in September over the need for bicycle lanes along Bowles Avenue in south County provoked a lively discussion at last month’s Bike Jeffco meeting about a bigger issue.
While some local cities have quietly gone about adding new bicycling facilities, we have not seen the same enthusiasm in the unincorporated parts of the County.

In the recently released “Bicycle Friendly Community” awards from the League of American Bicyclists, Golden, Arvada and Lakewood have maintained their bronze status. Boulder and Fort Collins are two of only four communities nationwide who achieved platinum status. The city of Denver was awarded gold status.

According to a recent Atlanta news article, many community leaders are seeking “bicycle friendly” designation as an indicator of quality of life. One has only to look at promotions for new real estate subdivisions to see a happy residents riding the nearby bike trails. Unfortunately that happiness may end when the boundaries of the subdivisions are reached. Consequently, Bike Jeffco has initiated a project to look at the feasibility of achieving “bicycle friendly” designation for both the unincorporated parts of the County and for cities within the County who have not yet applied.

At our November 12th meeting, Kevin French, the head of the County Transportation and Engineering Division will be our headliner. He will talk about the County proposal for Bowles Avenue specifically. We will also use the opportunity to talk about other plans for new bicycle facilities in the County and how we approach achieving the bicycle friendly status. Also, Will Kerns of Open Plan Consultants LLC will lead a discussion about planning for Parks and Open Space in the County.

The meeting will be held:
Tuesday November 12, 7:00pm – 9:00pm.
Jefferson County Administration & Courts Building

*Dave's public safety announcement of the month*

With the shorter days and the reduced visibility of winter months, it is time for us all to be more visible while out riding. I continue to be amazed by the number of riders in dark clothing riding in and out of the shadows of local canyons. As the cost and weight of LED lights has fallen in recent years, there is now no reason not to carry flashing lights on both the front and rear of a bicycle. This is the minimum courtesy we should show to other road users and sensible protection for ourselves.
-Dave Evans

For more about Bike Jeffco and what they do, go to Bike Jeffco. Better yet, join Dave and the crew at the meeting on Nov. 12th!

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Finally. It's about time this stellar advocacy group gets some of the recognition and notoriety it deserves. Not to mention just plain exposure. Great group with amazing energy and "Get it done" attitude.
Dave Evans is the man. Thanks, Katie for putting this up.