Bike and Pedestrian Planner - Colorado Springs

The City of Colorado Springs is offering an excellent career opportunity as a Bike and Pedestrian Planner. This position will perform planning activities associated with the development and evaluation of transportation facilities for Colorado Springs. These activities support the coordination, development, and implementation of sidewalks, bicycle facilities, and connections to transit.

Transportation planning in Colorado Springs is a process of developing multimodal infrastructure to enhance mobility, safety, and accessibility to different transportation modes in order to improve the quality of life for local citizens and the business climate for those wanting to invest in the community. Transportation planning functions address regional, citywide, sub-area, and corridor level needs for both short- and long-term timeframes.

In 2010, Colorado Springs rated 18th Friendliest Bike City in America by Bicycling magazine. Editors evaluated cities with 100,000 or more people, with the rankings based on cycling-friendly statistics (numbers of bike lanes and routes, bike racks, and city projects completed and planned) and bike culture.

Typical Responsibilities
- Perform data collection and analysis
- Conduct research and write grants
- Facilitate coordination with stakeholders in developing the transportation infrastructure or with implementing safety programs
- Provide presentations to committees, citizen groups, and elected officials
- Review transportation studies and roadway plans
- Provide staff assistance to management, advisory committees, and elected officials
- Coordinate work activities with Traffic Engineering and other City staff
- Maintain appropriate liaisons with other government entities within the region
- Apply technical knowledge and expertise concerning projects and to support other staff

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner must possess and demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practices of transportation planning for bicycles and other modes of travel; value working as a team member and can work independently; and possess excellent organizational, written, and verbal communications skills. Also, the ability to demonstrate an understanding and application of elemental transportation engineering concepts including familiarity with core transportation engineering fundamentals (Highway Capacity, Trip Generation, Parking Generation, Green Book, etc.) are essential for this position.

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