Back the Bowles Ave Bike Lane Project

Thankfully Dave Evans, of Bike Jeffco, keeps me well informed on local advocacy issues within my county (Jefferson County). Bike advocacy may not always be the first thing we think of when we wake up in the morning (especially for those of us who race), but it is with Dave Evans. He's a champion for CO cyclists. And it really does affect us ALL. It affects where we ride, where we train, where we live and the quality of our lives. Dave recently sent me some information on the current state of the Bowles Ave bike lane project. When I dug around a bit, I found an article posted by the Denver Post about a Jefferson County Commissioner staff meeting back in September. It opened my eyes to how serious this issue is getting.

"A recommendation to add bike lanes along West Bowles Avenue received a less-than-positive response from Jefferson County Commissioners Don Rosier and Faye Griffin at a Sept. 10 staff briefing," writes Karen Groves, YourHub reporter. This is putting it nicely. Jefferson County Commissioners said plenty at that meeting. Some of my favorites?

Commissioner Rosier said he was not supportive of adding bike lanes on Bowles and questioned the validity of public meetings, saying, "They will be weighted." He said, "I receive way too many complaints, especially from Deer Creek on 'Why are we putting lanes in for cyclists?...It's taking away from motorist capacity. We don't have the bike commuter traffic. This is spending money to address an issue that doesn't exist."

Wow. Thanks, Commissioner Rosier. Funny. I remember you being so interested in these public meetings when they first started a year and a half ago (back when you didn't really have to take a stance).

But let's not forget Faye Griffin.

Griffin said, "I get tired of the fact that bicyclists are telling us what to do with the roads that they don't help pay for."

[Editor's note: prepare for a one paragraph rant that is dripping with sarcasm.]
Oh, Ms. Griffin. I bet it is tiring. You might want to take a nap. Take some 5 Hour Energy (Pomegranate FLAVORED!) And of course we don't help pay for the roads we use as cyclists. Nope, we're alllllll a bunch of gypsies. Just riding from place to place. Never paying taxes, not holding jobs, not owning houses, paying rent or patronizing the businesses in our communities. We simply use these roads recklessly on our bikes. Just weaving in and out traffic, hands off our handlebars, creating problems for all the drivers. Just worthless as a whole. That's the cycling community for you.
[End of rant.]

Thankfully we have Dave Evans and Bike Jeffco, standing tall. But let's not leave them standing up for all of us alone. We can help!! Press Release from Dave Evans, November 21st:

"While Arvada, Golden and Lakewood continue to add bicycle lanes to make their cities even more bicycle friendly, Jefferson County Commissioners Rosier and Griffin have shown reluctance to follow suit by adding bicycle lanes to Bowles Avenue – a key East West route connecting residential areas and activity centers that is currently unsafe for bicyclists.

Analysis by County staff has shown minimal degradation in the level of service to motorized vehicles by these additions. Many years ago, area residents voted to pay a local sales tax for transportation improvements including road widening and new bicycle facilities. Drivers have enjoyed the widening of Bowles Avenue for a number of years yet some of our County Board are hesitant to implement the bicycle part of the agreement.

This short sightedness is contrary to the current trend in transportation thinking away from the dominance of the single occupancy automobile to a more balance multi-modal approach of pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation and automobiles."

How can you help?
Back the Bowles Avenue Bike Lane Project! Come to the Open House on Dec 4th and get involved!

The County is proposing adding bike lanes along Bowles Avenue from C-470 to Grant Ranch Boulevard as a key part of a County wide network of on street bicycle facilities. Strong opposition from non-cyclists is expected so your presence is needed to take back Bowles Avenue for cycling.

Open House Details:

  • Wednesday, December 4th 4:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Dakota Ridge High School
  • 13399 West Coal Mine Avenue

Let's rally, people. Let's show Commissioners Rosier (and poor, sleepy Faye) Griffen that we DO in fact, exist. For the Karen's full article, please click here.. For information on this meeting, go to Bowles Ave Bike Lanes or contact Cycling Advocacy Super-star, Dave Evans at 720-300-7841.

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Education vs. building where the people are?

I'll state up front that I don't know this area well but what is a common problem with cyclists and I mean ALL cyclists not just the ones wearing lycra or bikes of value greater than $1k and that is cyclists often bike their drive, common mistake. By "bike their drive" I mean they ride the same route they would if they were in a car, because that is how they get from A to B. Often this route is not the best route for cyclists but due to ignorance of other options they bike their drive. This happens very often in Boulder where cyclists ride down Pearl Street when there are 3 other great options that would be much better (Walnut, Pine, Spruce). So do you build the bike route on the route most commonly used by travelers or do you put a safer route that might take education/signage to get usage.

Pardon if this is not the case here.