Big Prize Money at new Local Criterium

There is a brand new local (Brighton, Colorado) criterium next month with some major cash on the line. We recently talked to the promoter, Dan Schmatz, to get more color on the bike race. Here is the interview:

[303Cycling] $5000 is alot of cash for prize money.  I did some quick research and its hard to find a race with that much cash on the line.  Do you think the cash will draw the talent and why cash for every category?
[Dan Schmatz] THF Realty (developer of Prairie Center) has been a huge supporter of cycling for a long time and this race with cash prizes is another example.  The goal is to have strong fields in every category.  Our hope is that a nice course, a well run event and the carrot of some cash will bring out as many racers as possible at every skill level.

[303Cycling] We just did a story about promoting races and now you are promoting this race.  What are the challenges that you have faced to put on this race?
[Dan Schmatz] I think the hardest thing for most promoters is finding the money and finding a course.  For us these two tasks were a little easier.  I also have a great consultant handling all the other difficult stuff so I can't complain at all. Our biggest challenge was actually getting a date since we came a little late.

[303Cycling] Tell us a little bit about the course.
[Dan Schmatz]It is just over 1k with 6 corners and great pavement. Not crazy technical, but everyone will need to keep their head up. The circuit is flat but if the wind is kicking it may be a tough day!

[303Cycling] I know there was one race out in Brighton this past fall which got some great feedback.  Do you see more races both road and cyclocross happening out there?
[Dan Schmatz] I genuinely hope so. With a development of around 2300 acres so, we have a lot of options.  Road, cross and even MTB are all possibilities.

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to tell us about this new event?
[Dan Schmatz] We are really excited. I have raced a lot of criteriums, but this will be the first time I have been a part of putting one on. It should be a great day of racing and I hope we can grow the event for 2011.

News Item: 


REVISED CASH PAYOUT, we found some change under the seat.

Pro 1/2 $2460.00 20 deep, $695.00 for the win.

Cat 3 $765.00 10 deep, $275.00 for the win.

Masters Open $765.00 10 deep, $275.00 for the win.

Women 1/2/3 $610.00 6 deep, $250.00 for the win.

Masters 45+ $260.00 5 deep, $110.00 for the win.

Cat 4 Men $135.00 4 deep, $55.00 for the win.

Masters cat 4 $135.00 4 deep, $55.00 for the win.

Women cat 4/35+ $135.00 4 deep, $55.00 for the win.