Bicycle Tour of Colorado Avoids Black Hawk with Shuttle Service

Bicycle Tour of Colorado avoids Black Hawk with shuttle service

by Gene Bisbee
Organizers for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado say they're using a shuttle service so cyclists on the week-long bicycle tour won't have to risk breaking the law by riding their bicycles through Black Hawk.

The small, gambling-oriented tourist town west of Denver gained nationwide notoriety in the bicycle world last summer when police started issuing tickets to bicyclists who violated the town's ban on bicycling on city streets.

Since then, there have been court fights, rallies on the steps of the State Capitol, legislation submitted to prevent towns from banning bicycling, and a call to boycott the city's merchants. See the Bicycle Colorado website for some developments.

Avoiding the town
Publicity for Bicycle Tour of Colorado says Day 1 of the bike tour goes from Central City to Estes Park, a route that would require 1,400 to 1,500 cyclists to walk their bikes along a road -- Gregory Street -- included in the bike ban. Organizers are avoiding this, however.

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