Bicycle Accident on the Peak to Peak

We had this sent to us today. If you know anything about the accident please contact the person listed.

Rich Miles (YMCA downtown member) was in an extemely severe bicycle accident on Friday on peak to peak. Many broken bones, lung punctured. Operation Today. Vehicle that caused it left scene. Sue Ann Miles wants to get postings on all bicycle club websites. There were witnesses on bikes. In panic at time Sue Ann did not get names. Please help her. Please email her for details. Her e-mail is

Phil Mangan

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peak to peak not safe for road biking

We were driving on peak to peak on Sunday during the Sunshine Century. It is not a safe place to road bike. The combination of narrow, dirty shoulders and drivers negotiating curves at high speeds while distracted by the great scenery is a recipe for disaster as this accident demonstrates. It is perhaps a little safer during a century when drivers are aware of the presence of riders. Even then the fatigued, over-extended, wobbly riders going up hills are prone to unexpectedly jerking out into traffic. Plus the boredom of a century creates an irresistible temptation to ride double in order to converse with friends. For the inside rider there is nowhere to go to avoid an obstacle except into the path of oncoming cars. Don't assume that because riding double is legal that it is safe. For god's sake, DON'T RIDE DOUBLE UNLESS THERE ARE NO CARS AROUND AND THE SPEED LIMIT IS 30 MPH OR LESS!

BTW, don't trust the statistics you get from the Alliance for Biking and Walking or any other cycling association. They are advocacy organizations no different than the NRA in that they spin any negative information. It is rare that injury stats are kept on road biking by local hospitals, so there is little hard information about how dangerous road biking is. Just ask your biking friends for stories about cycling injuries. You will hear about far more injuries than if you did the same thing with any other activity. It can be done safely, but you have to be very selectively about when, where, and with whom you ride.

Peak to Peak - Bicycle Tour of Colorado

I was up on the Peak to Peak on Sunday and it was swarming with cyclists. Saw some terrible riding behavior. I think the riders I saw were from the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. They were riding from Black Hawk to Estes.

I still cant believe the organizers of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado would start the event in Black Hawk. The event brings in over 1500 cyclists from all over the place and they are starting and finishing in Black Hawk. Thats alot dollars on hotel rooms, food etc.

Peak to peak is one of the

Peak to peak is one of the safer roads around - There is usually a good shoulder, and except for a few places, drivers can see riders well in advance.

In fact, I'm having a hard time believing a cyclist would state what you did. It's almost as if someone who doesn't think cyclists should be able to use the road decided to post a rant on a local cycling blog.

"no different than the NRA"

I know nothing about the Alliance for Biking and Walking (sounds like a Greenpeace organization to me), but the NRA works to protect a Constitutional right. You sound very naive.

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