Betasso - From Eben G Fine Park

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Betasso - From Eben G. Fine Park using the Canyon Link Trail

This is great mountain bike ride you can do starting right in Boulder. You can drive up to the trailhead but what fun is that when you can easily ride up.

Start at Eben G. Fine park at the mouth of Boulder Canyon. Follow the bike path west up the canyon. The bike path turns to packed dirt about 1 mile up the canyon. Keep following the the path until it dead ends. You will now need to ride on the road for a little bit. When you see the short car tunnel look to the right and you will see the start of the Canyon Link Trail. This section of the trail is very loose and rocky so you might need to hike a little bit. You will eventually start hitting some switch backs to gain elevation.

Keep following the Canyon Link trail until you see the road. Cross the road and keep following the trail. You will eventually see the actual trail which is called the Canyon Loop. There will be a sign there with an arrow telling you which direction you should go. This section of the trail is relatively easy. There are a few rocky sections and some roots to contend with but all and all a very nice trail.

Follow the trail around for a loop and head back down the same way. Be careful descending the Canyon Link trail. The switch backs are tricky in spots and as you have already seen the bottom of the trail is very rocky and loose.

- Difficulty:
- 12.4 miles
- 2200 feet of climbing
- Most of the mountain biking is relatively easy except for the Canyon link trail which is very loose and rocky at the bottom of the trail.
- Close to mountain bikers Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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2200 Vertical ?

I consistently measure 1677 vert ft with my VDO altimeter from my house near @48th and Arapahoe, so I would have to say this ride is closer to 1,500 vert from Eben G Fine. Add Benjamin Loop to get another 343 vert.

not to confirm or deny

not to confirm or deny anything but I usually get between 2,100 and 2,200 myself on this loop on my Garmin Forerunner (full disclosure: typically recorded starting from the south end of Martin Acres near Table Mesa).

Granted these devices can be finicky, but I ride this route relatively frequently and my own observation is within a couple tenths of a percentage of the OP.