Mountain Bike Radio + Unchained Cyclist = Wanderlust.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I don't follow Enduro/adventure cycling as much as I probably should given that I live in CO. The first time I read of Geoff Harper (The Unchained Cyclist) was due to this gorgeous picture. It was posted on Joe Tonsager's J.Paks website and was linked to an fascinating interview by Roam Life. Tonsager is one of Geoff Harper's unique sponsors. And after seeing this picture I could understand why. Gear on even an average ride is important. Gear on a three week, 500 mile ride around the southern tip of Iceland could be life or death.

I'd suggest reading the Roam Life interview first for a little history, then listen to Ben's recent interview on Mtn Bike Radio. It's amazing. Uh. Mazing. It's all the stuff you CAN'T read. Also, Geoff has a great accent, so that's a plus. [Editor's note: If you haven't tuned into one of Ben's MBR episodes by the way, you're missing out.] Click away at the links below and enter Geoff's world.

From Ben Welnak, Mtn. Bike Radio (December 5, 2013):

You may have read about his trip or listened to his interview on National Geographic, but we dig a little deeper into all of this to get you some great perspective. Listen in to hear Geoff reflect on the entire experience. Geoff talks about his mountaineering background and how it lead to this trip. Listen in to get a true feel of what it's like.

Full Interview w/ Geoff Harper on MBR
Roam Life Interview with Geoff Parker
Unchained Cyclist's Website
Mountain Bike Radio.
Joe Tonsager's J.Paks, Adventure Paks

*Thanks to Ben Welnak and Geoff Harper for opening my agoraphobic cyclist's eyes. Who knows? Maybe next year...

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